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Top Tips A Good Kid's Mattress

No matter how young or how old you are, a good mattress can make a real difference for a good night's sleep. But how do you choose a mattress for your child? What are the important properties? And, are they very different than the requirements for adults? We attempt to answer all these questions right here.

Which Mattress Type Is Most Suitable For Children?

When you have a thorough look at the various types of mattresses, you certainly have plenty of choice. These days, you can get pocket springs, memory foam and even latex foam mattresses for your child's bedroom. It is important to note that each kind provides some benefits but let us take a look at what's most important for a child.

One of the main things to consider is proper support for a growing child. While your child is growing, the mattress must provide ample support for their spine. If there is not enough support, your child's sleep might get disturbed. Evidently, if their sleep gets disturbed, so will yours!

When your child is a relatively restless sleeper, a memory foam mattress could be the better option. Since memory foam moulds around the body and is a little denser than other materials, it will keep your child more comfortable while providing the right amount of support.

Children who often feel too hot when they are sleeping, maybe due to the location of their bedroom in the house, could benefit from a latex mattress. The latex mattress is the most breathable in the bunch, so is less likely to cause excessive sweating.

Finally, if you are looking for the most comfortable option, then you could also consider a pocket spring mattress. Because of the tufted covering on the mattress, the overall mattress can feel nice and comfy. That being said, the memory foam option is still better for restless sleepers.

How To Evaluate Mattress Quality?

Not all mattresses are made equally, so how do you make sure you have the right one for your little one. Here are some of the main properties you must evaluate before purchasing a mattress.

Spring mattresses: When you are looking for a spring mattress, always check factors such as the spring count and its overall gauge. As a general rule of thumb, more springs will provide more support for the spine. Also, a lower coil gauge means a harder and firmer mattress. In most cases, you want to find the happy middle.

Foam mattresses: Latex and memory foam mattresses can usually be evaluated by looking at the same properties. These kinds of mattresses are usually accompanied by a certain density. The higher this density is, the firmer the mattress in question will be.

What Special Considerations Must I Think About For Mattresses?

Some mattresses may require special care or maintenance. You must also consider any allergies your child may have.

Off-gassing: If you had a memory foam mattress before, you may have encountered this particular problem. In rare cases, the foam can trap certain gases. To release these, it is recommended to ventilate the mattress for approximately three days. Please make sure to do this in a well-ventilated room.

Allergies: Children who have certain allergies must avoid materials that can attract allergens. Fortunately, there are many materials that meet the requirements for allergy-sufferers. Synthetic materials tend to be a safe choice, but you can also go with cotton, natural latex, or real silk.

Mattress protectors: If accidents still happen for your child, it could be beneficial to purchase a mattress protector. By using a protector, you protect the mattress against the moisture. In addition to that, you can easily clean the protector and provide a clean sleeping environment if accidents do occur. Ideally, it is recommended to have at least two mattress protectors.

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