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Towel styling and storage ideas

Smart towel styling, design and storage adds a touch of class to any bathroom or wet area. Whether you have a small or large space, there are plenty of solutions for organising your towels to keep them fresher for longer and extend their lifespan.

Towel rails and racks are the tried and trusted options. Towel rings and hooks are also popular where bathroom space is at a premium. The benefit of rails and hooks are they give your bath towels the room to air-dry, keeping them hygienic for longer and helping your bathroom stay neat and tidy.

As increasing numbers of people take up apartment living, over-door towel hooks and storage racks are another great space-saving idea. As well as keeping your bath linen off the floor, you can also use these kinds of hooks and racks to store other essentials like make-up, soaps and grooming products.

No matter whether you choose cotton or microfibre, bath towels are versatile enough to be folded or rolled in many compact ways. Baskets, shelves and racks are options for making a feature of your stored bath towels, rather than hiding them away in cupboards.

Repurposing old garment racks that you no longer use in your bedroom - or even reinventing bookshelves and cabinets - for the bathroom can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to settling on a towel storage solution that is uniquely you.

Replacing your bath towels

There's no hard-and-fast rule about the shelf-life of your towels. Most experts will agree you should consider replacing your bath towels every two years. But that is just a guide. If your bath linen washes well, doesn't smell damp after use and still does an excellent job of drying your body after baths and showers, then it doesn't need replacing.

The other sign that your bath towels might need replacing is when they lose their absorbency and begin to look a bit tired or if they start fraying at the edges.

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