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From face washers to huge bath sheets, Spotlight offers many beautiful bath towel sets in a wide range of colours. Shop our range online or in-store!

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Can I buy towel collections from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Discover our fabulous range of towel collections at Spotlight. Collections will make sure that you are perfectly organised with matching towels in a variety of different sizes Coordinate your towels with each other and find ones that will complement your bathroom decor perfectly in our comprehensive collection. Every day, most families use towels in a combination of sizes to meet the demands of life, and our towel collections feature a variety of sizes. Discover the range online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes our towel collection, which includes a selection of matching towels in various sizes. Our bath towels are approximately 140 x 70 cm, bath sheet measure at 160 cm x 80 cm. Face washers are the perfect option for keeping your face clean, and these measure around 33 x 33 cm. If you are looking for the ideal towel for guests to dry their hands or to dry your hair, then a hand towel at 60 x 40 cm could be a perfect choice. Our towel collections also feature a matching bath mat to coordinate with your with decor. If you are looking to replace all of your towels, then our fabulous towel collections are a great way to guarantee that your new set will match perfectly.

Which of these towels would be right for me?

One of the first and most important things to consider when choosing your towel is the fabric and the construction of your new towel. It is important to acknowledge the towels pile - this refers to the loops on the towel. The length and number of loops will then determine how absorbent the towel is likely to be. When you are shopping for towels, one of the most frequently used phrases is GSM. This refers to the grams per square metre.

The larger the number, the heavier and denser your towel will be. Alternately, a smaller number will indicate a lighter towel that will dry quicker and maybe a more suitable option for some areas around your home. The colour of your new towels is up to you really, and we have just about every shade of the rainbow to choose from in our fabulous range of towel collections.

How do I wash my new towel?

Taking good care of your towels will help them to live longer and stay there best. We always like to recommend that you read the individual care instructions that come with each product before washing your new item. Most towels are machine washable, and they should be cleaned on a warm wash. It is important not to wash your towels on a too high of a temperature as this can result in it becoming faded and shrink and will help to improve the absorbency as well as setting the colour and extending the lifetime of your towels.

It is not recommended that you use fabric softener when you are washing your towel, as this oil-based product causes water to repel and this can affect the absorbency of the towel. Always avoid the use of harsh or abrasive chemicals such as chlorine or bleach. It is also important to remember that some toiletries in skin treatments may also damage your towels by breaking down the fibres and potentially removing colour.



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