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Spotlight's Ultimate Guide To Cardstock

Cardstock is regularly used in a variety of crafts. It is a common supply for scrapbooking, but also for cardmaking and other papercrafts. If you want to get familiar with cardstock and the available options, be sure to read through our guide below.

What Is Cardstock?

Cardstock is a specific type of paper. Compared to regular paper, it is considerably heavier and stronger. So, it can be used for construction and can carry a large amount of embellishments.

When you look at the collection of cardstock at Spotlight, you will notice that there are various colours and finishes available. So, no matter what you use our cardstock for, you are bound to find a suitable option in our online catalogue.

What Are The Different Types Of Cardstock?

As we mentioned briefly already, there is a variety of cardstock you can obtain for your projects. Following, you will find an overview of the most common cardstock used in popular crafts.

Textured cardstock - To provide cardstock with its unique texture, cardstock manufacturers use a combination of various fibres. This type of cardstock may contain a combination of canvas, wood, and even linen fibre, which provides the cardstock with its unique look and texture.

Matte cardstock - When you want your cardstock not to stand out because of a scrapbooking project or a collage, then you should certainly consider some matte cardstock. Matte cardstock does not shine or stand out but blends easily with its environment.

Glitter cardstock - If you are looking for something special that stands out, or if you are looking for a kind of paper that will put a nice accent in your scrapbook, then glitter cardstock could be the option for you. As the name suggests, glitter cardstock is characterised by a special glitter coating.

Vellum cardstock - This kind of cardstock is considerably different from the rest, as it is considerably finer from the average cardstock. To achieve the perfect combination of thin yet durable paper, manufacturers usually utilise animal skin.

Gloss cardstock - Gloss cardstock is incredibly popular for decorative accents and cardmaking, as this type of cardstock has a glossy coating that looks lustrous and bold. Evidently, this kind of gloss cardstock is available in any colour imaginable.

Iridescent cardstock - If you are looking for something really unusual, then iridescent cardstock might be the option for you. When you move this paper, or look at it from a different angle, the colour changes. Evidently, this cardstock is an outstanding choice for both scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Mirrored cardstock - This kind of cardstock can easily be recognised by its metallic effect. If you are looking for a dramatic effect in your projects, then this kind of cardstock will do the trick just fine.

Fabric cardstock - Some specialist cardstock is made from fabric fibres, this is the case for fabric cardstock. Most fabric cardstock is made from linen, which creates that unique fabric effect for popular cardmaking projects.

Patterned cardstock - As the name suggests, this type of cardstock contains a pattern. You can find cardstock with a pattern on one side or both sides, whichever carries your preference.

Why Is The Weight Of Cardstock Important?

Cardstock can have a variable thickness, just like other types of paper. However, the thickness of paper is measured in weight, which is put down as grams per square meter or GSM. To ensure you have the right thickness for your needs, always check the GSM of your cardstock.

Can I Use Cardstock For Archives?

Even though cardstock paper is incredibly popular for cardmaking and scrapbooking, cardstock can be used for archiving too. However, when you choose cardstock for archiving, you must ensure the paper is acid-free. Cardstock that contains acid is more likely to turn yellow over time and is also less durable. Therefore, choose an acid-free option for added durability and longevity.

Cardstock Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides its customers with a large range of cardstock, this includes all the different types of cardstock mentioned above. We have quite a few unique options as well, so you are bound to find something suitable when you are looking for a unique cardstock option. Check out the catalogue to uncover some amazing deals today.



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