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Build your ideal model with our balsa wood sheets and sticks. Explore lightweight balsa wood strips online and get crafty at Spotlight!

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Enjoy Lightweight Balsa Wood Sheets And Strips From Spotlight

If you're looking to build a model, diorama or simple statue with wood, then balsa wood is the perfect material to start with. Light, soft and easy to work with, balsa wood is the ideal type of wood for beginner crafters and woodworkers to play with!

At Spotlight we have a great range of balsa wood strips, sheets and other shapes for you to choose from for your crafts. Easy to carve, slice, paint and glue, balsa wood is a must-have supply for any DIY enthusiast!

The kinds of balsa wood shapes you'll find at Spotlight

You can find a few different kinds of balsa wood crafts and shapes here at Spotlight, including:

  • Balsa wood sheets: Flat, thin and wide, balsa wood sheets work well as a base for a smaller project, or can be used as sides/walls for larger pieces.
  • Balsa wood strips: These thin and narrow strips can be used to add a barrier, small steps or a latticed barrier to your project.
  • Balsa wood rods and sticks: Our balsa sticks and rods come in round and squared varieties, and can be used as supports in smaller projects or can be bundled together for textured models.
  • Balsa wood blocks: Use square and rectangular balsa wood blocks as bricks or to depict small buildings in your project.
  • Balsa wood circles: These cute circles can be used as a base for small model making, or used to depict circular things like wheels, planets or windows in your model.

Balsa wood FAQs

What is balsa wood?

Balsa wood is a very light and soft wood made from the wood of the Ochroma tree. It is filled with hollow, air-filled cells that keep it light, but it has a very high weight-to-strength ratio that makes it ideal for model-making.

What is balsa wood used for?

Balsa wood is used in crafting to create model bridges, aeroplanes, dioramas and technical models for things like traps. It can be used as part of a larger craft project, as its light weight makes it easy to adhere to other surfaces.

How to paint balsa wood

Seal or prime your wood first to prevent it from absorbing your pint - use one designed to work with acrylic paint, as some other sealants may resist the addition of colour. Then add thin layers of acrylic colour until you are happy with how it looks. Finish with a varnish on top to protect the colour and add a gloss or matte finish if needed.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find heaps of other wooden products for use in your art and craft projects, which include:

  • Wooden shapes: Unique wooden shapes can be found here, as well as things like craft pegs, signs and blackboards.
  • Letters and numbers: Our wooden letters and numbers are great for decorating a child's bedroom with, and are easy to paint and decorate.
  • Dowel sticks: Our dowel sticks can work as the skeleton for many craft projects, and are sturdy enough to hold up multiple layers when positioned smartly.

Check out the full range of basic craft supplies for more handy products such as papier mache and handy balsa supplies from brands such as Eco Balsa.

Find the right balsa wood products at Spotlight

Shop for balsa wood crafts online at Spotlight, where you can pay your way and we'll deliver your balsa wood straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best balsa wood strips, sheets and shapes for your next project.

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