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The Beginner's Guide To Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics can come in many shapes and sizes. They can also have variable characteristics and properties - it is therefore important to look at the options that are available to you in more detail. So, if you are new to outdoor fabrics, be sure to read the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Are The Desirable Properties For Outdoor Fabrics?

While you may not have thought about outdoor fabrics in the past, their properties are just as important as indoor fabrics. Here are some of the properties to look out for in fabrics for your outdoor projects.

UV resistance: Your outdoor fabric needs to be protected against damage from UV light. Over time, unprotected fabrics may start to fade or even become thinner due to the extended exposure to sunlight. So, always check that your outdoor fabric has enough protection against UV light.

Water resistance: Outdoor fabrics should also be resistant against moisture and water. After all, outdoor fabrics will come in contact with rainy weather.

A good water-resistant fabric does not absorb water or let it soak into the fabric. However, there is something to remember with this. The more water resistant a fabric is, the less breathability it usually has.

Colourfastness: This particular property is usually related to UV resistance, as this quality refers to how well your fabric retains its colour. Some fabrics can start to fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, while others have better colourfastness. So, if you are thinking about reupholstering some garden furniture, then be sure to consider the colourfastness first and foremost.

Maintenance: The final property Spotlight recommends for outdoor fabrics is its maintenance level. After all, you do not want outdoor fabrics that take forever to clean or eve fabrics that require professional maintenance. So, this will be the final quality you look for in an excellent outdoor fabric.

What Are The Applications For Outdoor Fabrics?

There are an unlimited number of applications for outdoor fabrics. Below, we look a little closer at these applications and combine them with the most important properties that outdoor fabric should have.

Awning: One of the most common applications for outdoor fabrics is awning. This is also one of the applications where breathability is less important, and UV and water resistance are more important. So, the thicker waterproof fabrics are most suitable for this application.

Netting: When you want some extra protection against bugs, you can create some netting. This is one of the applications where breathability is a little more important, so you can often find this kind of material with tiny little holes, this ensure the material remains resistant against UV and water, but still provides the breathability needed.

Exterior furniture: Outdoor chair and lounge cushions also need to be waterproof and resistant against water. Contrary to some other applications in this overview, they should have a little bit of breathability, as the non-breathable options can get too hot or get really uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can get more breathable fabrics with a special additional treatment to provide the qualities you need. On the flipside, these fabrics many need a new coating from time to time.

Makeshift tents: Some materials, including nylon, make a great outdoor fabric for makeshift tents. They can also provide some cover if you do not have any sheltered outdoor area, giving you a great spot for outdoor barbecues and events. Of course, you will need some additional equipment to set up your cover. If you want to save time, be sure to have a look at some special event tents or awning to install on your home.

Check Out The Range Of Outdoor Fabrics At Spotlight

Spotlight has one of the biggest collections of fabrics, and this includes our range of outdoor fabrics. In our collection, you can find options such as cotton canvas, which comes in variety of designs and prints. So, you will undoubtedly find a suitable option for all the applications you have in mind.

Check out the range of outdoor fabrics today to uncover amazing options for your home. Each of our outdoor fabrics are also available for the sharpest price possible, so we are sure you will find an amazing deal!



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