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Spotlight offers a range of beautiful quilting fabrics online in a huge range of styles from cotton botanicals and florals to licensed. Shop the range today.

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Shop a Huge Variety of Quilting Fabrics For Your Unique Project

At Spotlight, you can shop a huge array of amazing quilting fabrics. Fabrics can be made from various fabric fibres, and this is something you should consider when you choose your quilting fabrics. After all, different types of fabrics can provide different results. Shop all the quilting supplies you need at Spotlight and discover the collection of FREE quilting project ideas to get inspired. Some recommended projects include the Rainbow Blender Quilt Project and the Heart Quilt Project. We also offer the Long Arm Machine service so you can get your quilt professionally finished at selected stores.

Discover the Range of Quilting Fabrics at Spotlight

The range includes a massive selection of colours, patterns, prints and compositions. Our range includes:

Of course, we also stock essential quilt backing fabrics, blender quilting fabrics and wadding and batting so you can create the perfect quilt.

Quilting Fabrics FAQs

What are the benefits of weighted cotton?

Weighted cotton is still the best fabric for quilters, as it has numerous benefits. This type of cotton shrinks considerably less compared to other types of cotton, giving you the best value for money. Weighted cotton is also very colourfast, this means that your quilt is less likely to bleed colour when you wash it for the first time. Even with weighted cotton, Spotlight always recommends washing your fabrics before you start sewing with them. Most fabrics have some degree of shrinkage upon their first wash, so you want to prevent your fabric from shrinking once it is turned into a quilt. So, always pre-wash your weighted cotton beforehand.

What is the best quilting fabric for decorative cushions, pillows and bags?

Quilting techniques can be used for so much more than quilts alone. In fact, experienced quilters can tackle projects such as customer bags, decorative pillow covers and cushions. Of course, these types of crafts also demand a specific quilting fabric.

For more decorative and detailed work, you want to choose a cotton fabric that is somewhat heavier and has a sateen finish. You can often find this fabric under the name home decoration fabric. When you use a heavier cotton fabric with a sateen finish, be careful when selecting your batting. Lighter batting tends to do a little better than the normal options, but you can always experiment a little.

What are the more unusual fabrics used in quilting?

While quilter's cotton is the best option for quilters these days, it does not mean that quilter's cotton is your only option. Quite the opposite actually, because there are a variety of other fabrics that could have applications in your quilting projects.

One of the fabrics that is picked up a lot by quilters these days is voile. While you might associate this kind of fabric with tutus and scarves, they are remarkably useful for quilting too. Many quilters use this kind of fabric for their backing and complement it with some weighted cotton for the top. As it provides a much softer finish, it is the perfect choice for bedroom quilts.

In addition to voile, you might want to consider some linen too. While it is not as soft as cotton, it is a much crispier and textured fabric. If you want to bring some additional texture to the design, then look for some quilter's linen to make your quilt design.

If you are a beginner, Spotlight recommends starting with the basic quilter's cotton. Other materials can be a little trickier to work with where quilting is concerned, so you want to master your quilting skills a little first. Once you become more proficient at quilting, you want to look into other materials such as voile and linen.

Shop Spotlight's Range Of Quilting Fabrics Online or In-Store

There is no limit to the types of quilting fabrics you can find at Spotlight. Not only does Spotlight provide you with quilting fabrics made from various fabric fibres, you can also count on quilting fabrics with different designs and colours. Shop for quilting fabrics are great prices at Spotlight and discover helpful articles on the Create Blog such as How to Make a Quilt From Start to Finish and Four Quilting Patchwork Techniques To Try.



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