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The Different Types Of Quilt Fabrics And How To Choose The Right Ones

Have you been browsing our collection of quilting fabrics, but are you a little overwhelmed by the large amount of choices? Choosing your first selection of quilting fabrics can be a little daunting, so we have created a useful guide for beginners. Below, you can find a brief summary of different quilt fabrics and their main characteristics. We also put down some useful tips on how to choose the best ones for your project.

What Are The Different Quilting Fabric Designs?

In the world of quilting, some fabrics have a specific name. As a beginner, it is a good idea to get familiar with these names, as knowing them makes it easier to find the exact fabrics you need.

Solid fabrics are probably the ones you will be working with first, as they consist of a single colour and do not contain any additional patterns or prints. They are also the easiest to work with, so they are most suitable for beginners.

Naturally, you will also find an incredible selection of printed and patterned fabrics, this includes mini-print, calico, dot, large scale, stripe, and geometric. You can also encounter fabrics that contain a combination of colour. Examples of such a fabric are tone on tone and airy fabric. Naturally, this range of fabrics should only be called upon when you have become a little more experienced.

Which Fabrics Are Most Suitable For The Larger Parts Of My Quilt?

For the larger parts of your quilt, you want the most reliable material. Cotton will therefore be your first choice, as this material is durable, breathable, and quite resistant to stains as well. However, please consider that cotton fabrics can vary in quality, so always check the details of a fabric online before you place an order.

Once you have bought your cotton fabric, it is necessary to prepare the fabric before you start the sewing process, this means you have to wash it. Washing the fabric will remove any remaining dye and shrink the fabric to its actual size. Once again, higher quality cotton fabrics will have less shrinkage and colour bleeding.

While solid fabrics are often easiest for beginners in terms of quilt construction, stitching mistakes can show up a lot easier on solid fabric pieces. If you are concerned about your current sewing ability, you can choose fabrics with a print, this since a print can hide some of the sewing mistakes made during the quilting project.

Which Printed Fabrics Are Best For My Quilt?

The printed fabric you choose for quilting will depend on the overall design of your quilt. For example, if you only want a print as a special feature on your quilt, it can be better to choose a fabric with a larger print. You can also use the larger printed fabrics for your borders, as they leave a nice detail.

Looking for printed fabrics for either binding, backing, or sashing? For either of these processes, fabrics with a smaller print will be recommended. If you want a narrow border on your quilt, check out some of the chequered and striped fabrics out there.

Crafters who want to create a quilt in monochrome colours will have to look at some printed fabrics that match this design. Fabrics with a black and white print tend to be the fist go-to, but tone on tone prints should also be a serious consideration.

When it comes to the printed fabrics you use for quilting, there are other styles you may want to create. There are retro prints, novelty prints, and other unique options that could make your quilt stand out considerably. Of course, do not forget about blender fabrics, since these can unify the design of your quilt.

What Printed Quilting Fabrics Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight has a large range of quilting fabrics available to you, this includes all the options we mentioned above. So, if you are looking for a printed fabric to use in your next quilting project, you are bound to find it in our catalogue. Don't forget, Spotlight also offers its fabrics at the lowest prices, so we are sure you will use our store a lot in the future!



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