Cover The Basics Of Sewing With Our Sewing Fabrics Books!

When you start sewing, there are some things you need to learn or acquire. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and our extensive catalogue of sewing fabric books, patterns, and tons of sewing supplies.

First things first, let us help you on the road to starting your first sewing project! If you are browsing our catalogue as a beginner, it is likely you still need some of the basics. So, be sure to read our overview below to get yourself started.

How Do I Choose My First Sewing Machine?

Once you have acquired some patterns you would love to make, it is time to look at your supplies. Naturally, one of the first things you will require is a good sewing machine. Choosing your first sewing machine is easier said than done though, especially when you consider how many options are available these days.

Beginners should not invest too much in their first sewing machine, since there is little point getting the most advanced machine with all the bells and whistles. A standard electronic sewing machine will do the job just fine, and you do not have to break the bank to do it.

Of course, there are some things to consider about your first sewing machine. Always look for the amount of stitches available on your machine and ensure you have quite a variety available to you. In addition to that, you should certainly consider sewing machines with the automatic buttonhole feature.

What Essential Tools Do I Need Aside From A Sewing Machine?

There are a bunch of things you need for your sewing project, this includes accessories as well as some dedicated sewing tools. Below, we have explained some of the most common tools you should get in.

One of your essentials will be a seam ripper. The seam ripper allows you to correct mistakes easily by removing stitches you have put in your fabric with the machine. Of course, the effectiveness of a seam ripper is certainly subject to the fabric you are working with.

Every crafter also needs a good pair of fabric scissors, these scissors are specifically made to cut fabric. Using a pair of standard scissors is not recommended, as this can lead to ragged edges and other problems.

When you are working with fabrics, it is likely you will encounter a lot of measurements. Naturally, to measure your fabric, or to take measurements from a person, you will need the appropriate tool in the form of a tape measure.

There are a variety of tape measures available these days. However, you do not need the most advanced options with all the bells and whistles. A normal flexible tape measure will be more than enough to bring your project to a successful end.

While many crafters use their fabric scissors to cut fabric, there are some instances where more control and precision may be required. You could also require something to cut several layers of fabric at once. In this case, you can obtain a rotary cutter.

Since you will be doing a lot of cutting, you will need a cutting mat too. You could choose a basic cutting mat, but also a self-healing version. The self-healing version will last considerably longer but will still need to be replaced over time.

Of course, another thing you will require as a crafter is a bunch of fabrics. While you can also purchase your fabric once you have read your pattern, you can acquire a small range of fabrics to create your own designs with. They can also function as a spare in case you make a mistake during the sewing process.

Can I Get All The Sewing Essentials From Spotlight?

There are many sewing essentials you need to get, but you can count on Spotlight to provide them all! Not only do we provide patterns, tailoring aids, and a bunch of accessories, we also deliver some amazing sewing machines. Our range also includes advanced embroidery machines, so you can grow your collection as your skills grow. Check out our amazing sewing catalogue today and view all the wonderful products we offer for an extremely sharp price.



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