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Some types of work, including medical jobs, catering, car mechanics, cleaners and more require uniforms that are easy to wear, easy to clean and are suitable for the job. Now you can make those clothes yourself, with our range of unisex and scrubs patterns here at Spotlight. Ideal if you cannot find the right size or want to adapt your uniform to you match your company colours, or if you need something that shop-bought work clothing does not provide. Pants. Tops and coveralls are included in the range which is suitable for men and women alike.

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How To Make Scrubs That Fit You Perfectly?

Those who have been working in healthcare for a long time already know that the wrong scrubs can be incredibly uncomfortable on the job. If you are considering making your own scrubs for maximum comfort, be sure to take the following factors into consideration before choosing one of the scrubs patterns in Spotlight's catalogue.

What Are The Most Comfortable Scrubs To Wear?

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, the fit is extremely important for any scrubs you wear. Ideally, you want a pattern that provides you with scrubs that are both flexible and durable, which gives you a better range of movement.

The most common problem with scrubs is situated at the arms. When the fit is not right, or the wrong fabric is used, healthcare professionals find that they are rather limited in their movement. Obviously, this can pose a serious problem in the workplace.

To get the best fit, it is recommended to always choose a size up, especially with common fabrics that are less stretchy and flexible. If you do have that flexibility in the fabric, you could still consider going one size up.

What Fabric Should I Use To Make Scrubs?

The fabric you choose for scrubs is more important than the fabric you would choose to make a dress or a top. After all, the fabric must protect you or the wearer against anything from dirt to germs and bodily fluids. So, which fabrics are best?

When you select your fabrics, always look for options with anti-bacterial properties. Fortunately, there are lots of options in that regard - this includes nylon, wool, polypropylene, cotton, and silk.

Of course, anti-bacterial properties are not the only properties you should be looking for. Ideally, you also want a fabric that is resistant to stains and moisture. Obviously, this narrows your choices down to nylon, polyester, and wool. However, please note that manmade materials are usually more stain resistant than natural materials such as wool.

Should I Choose A Scrubs Pattern With Pockets?

When you wear scrubs at work for longer periods, then you absolutely need some scrubs that contain pockets. You definitely need some pockets on the outside of your scrubs, but it can be useful to have some on the inside as well, which is useful when you need to carry sensitive documents on your person at all times.

What Fabric Colours Are The Most Flattering?

Not all scrubs are flattering, but you can easily choose a design or colour combination that fits you. Of course, you should always check with your workplace if there is a dress code. Some workplaces only allow blue or white scrubs, so you may be limited to the options you can choose.

If you cannot experiment with colours because of your workplace dress code, then you can still choose a flattering scrubs design. One of the most flattering designs is the wrap top, which seems to match all body types.

Those who have a little freedom with their colours and want to create a slimming effect can choose different fabrics for their top. For example, you can choose a light colour for the base and a darker colour for the sides - this creates an overall slimming effect.

While having some flattering scrubs is always a good thing, the most important thing is that you are comfortable wearing them. So, do not be afraid to experiment with the different styles available today before you choose a specific pattern for your scrubs.

Once you have your scrubs, do not forget to look into comfortable footwear too. If you are comfortable from head to toe, your shifts will feel a little shorter.

Check Out The Scrubs Patterns At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an incredible range of scrubs patterns - this includes scrubs in different designs, colours and so much more. If you are looking for a flattering design or more comfortable scrubs for the job, why not check out the collection of patterns Spotlight is currently offering? Spotlight provides scrubs for men and women, but we also have some unisex options that we are sure you will appreciate. Check out the range of scrubs patterns today and save big on paper patterns!



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