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Fed up with buying kids clothing that they grow out of quickly? Now you can make the loveliest toddler outfits yourself at a fraction of the cost and completely as you want them with these versatile toddler patterns from Spotlight. Including overalls, pants, dresses, tunics, top, sleepwear and more, you can find toddler patterns for all occasions and the patterns can be reused as the kids grow, as they can be adapted to a range of sizes. Patterns for leggings, slippers and hats are also included in the range.

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Choose Your Patterns - The Best Fabrics For Toddlers

When you are thinking about making some apparel for toddlers, you may want to look into the various types of fabric that can be used for toddlers. Some fabrics are more suitable for toddlers than others, so let us take a look at the most suitable options, so you can choose the best patterns going forward.

What Is The Most Comfortable Fabric For Toddlers?

Some fabrics are characterised by their comfort level. One fabric where this is the case is cotton, and it is therefore one of the most popular fabrics for toddler apparel. However, there is one additional characteristic that is extremely interesting for toddlers with allergies.

Cotton is a hypoallergenic material - this means that it is unlikely to trigger allergies. In addition to that, the material is quite soft. In other words, toddlers with sensitive skin will not encounter any skin irritation by wearing cotton clothing.

For toddlers with extremely sensitive skin, we recommend organic cotton fabric. Organic cotton is not processed with any chemicals, which could potentially cause irritation for toddlers with sensitive skin.

What Is The Most Durable Fabric For Toddlers?

Most fabrics have great durability these days, but one of the best for toddlers is cotton jersey knit. There are many reasons to choose cotton jersey knit, so durability is just one of the many reasons why you should consider this fabric.

One of the great advantages of jersey knit is its overall resistance to pilling, a common problem with a multitude of fabrics. In addition to that, the material also has a decent stretch, which means it is less prone to damage over time.

When you sew with jersey knit, do not forget to take care of the hems. Jersey knit can curl up when it has not been hemmed, and this can obviously impact the durability of the garment.

What Is The Most Versatile Fabric For Toddler Garments And Accessories?

If you are looking for a fabric that can be used for garments as well as accessories, then bamboo rayon should be on your shortlist. Bamboo rayon is a material commonly used for swaddles and blankets, but it does just as well for toddler apparel too.

Like cotton, bamboo rayon is also suitable for toddlers with a sensitive skin. In addition to that, bamboo rayon also has heat-regulating properties. So, toddlers using a blanket made from this material are unlikely to get too hot or too cold.

Because of the heat-regulating properties, it is not uncommon for crafters to use a combination bamboo rayon and other fabrics for their projects. In fact, if a project requires layering, then bamboo rayon may be a brilliant choice.

Is Polyester A Suitable Material For Toddler Garments?

Even though polyester is known to be less forgiving in terms of comfort and temperature regulation, you can still use a number of polyester fabric variants. One prime example of such a fabric is minky, which is a polyester knit fabric with a uniquely brushed pile.

Minky does not only feel extremely soft, it also looks fantastic. Since polyester is easy to dye, you can find these fabrics in the boldest and most unusual colours. So, if you are finding yourself in need of something unique, minky should be on top of your list.

Of course, polyester can get too hot very easily for a toddler. Therefore, we do not recommend it for most garments. Instead, you can use polyester for a fun little blanket or even some homemade plush toys.

Choose Your Toddler Patterns From Spotlight

Since Spotlight has an outstanding collection of toddler patterns, you will not have to look far for a fun project. In fact, there are dozens of possibilities, from fun little dresses and pyjamas to Halloween costumes. Spotlight provides them all.

Each of our patterns also comes with fabric recommendations, this means you do not have to worry about the fabric you will choose for your project. Of course, experienced crafters can experiment with other fabrics as well. If you are looking for additional fabrics, why not take a look at Spotlight's fabric collection as well? As always, you can count on the most affordable prices around!



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