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Whether you are looking to replace old buckles or toggles or just looking for the perfect fastenings for your crafty creation, shop our buckles, toggles and cords selection at Spotlight today. With a wide choice available, in a rainbow of colours, style and designs, we are sure to have the buckle, toggle or cord that will complete your project here. If you are crafting handbags, belts, accessories or clothes, then check out our extensive collection today.

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Make Or Repair Accessories With Our Range Of Buckles, Toggles, And Cords!

At Spotlight, you can find all the wonderful and extraordinary things you need for a variety of crafts. We even have everything you need to create or repair your own accessories - this includes buckles, toggles, and cords.

Want to learn more about the range of buckles, toggles, and cords available at Spotlight? Curious about our extensive range of crafting supplies? Check out our overview below to learn more.

What Is A Cummerbund Buckle?

The cummerbund buckle is a unique type of buckle that is often combined with a fabric belt. The fabric belt is often worn on tuxedoes, but they have other applications too.

Cummerbund buckles come with a female side, a male side, and a slide adjuster - these are the essentials you need to wear the cummerbund. To create the cummerbund, slide one end of the fabric strap across the centre bar of the slide adjuster and then stitch the end to secure it. Then, slide the opposite end through the curved slot of the female side of the buckle, followed by pulling the fabric through the slide. Then, attach the loose end of the fabric to the side of the cummerbund.

To finish the look, slide the remaining part of the strap through the male side of the buckle and stitch it into place. The loose end of the strap is then connected to the opposite side of the cummerbund.

What Is A Belt Grommet?

A belt grommet looks like a ring and is used to create a unique style of belt called the grommet belt. Grommet belts were extremely popular in the early 2000's and are now making a comeback, so crafters should certainly have belt grommets in their personal crafting collection.

Belt grommets can be obtained in a variety of sizes and colours. The beauty of the belt grommet is that this type of accessory can be combined with belt cords and toggles, which allows for a lot more creativity for those who like to create their own belts.

Of course, grommets can also be obtained to repair some of your existing accessories. For example, if your jacket is missing a grommet, then you can replace it with one of the grommets from our catalogue. Therefore, grommets are not only suitable for belts, they can also be used on a variety of clothing.

What Is A Cord End?

Cord ends are commonly used as the finishing parts for different projects. They are used to provide a professional look to your finished project, especially when cords are used. When a cord is not protected properly in any type of project, it can cause a fraying of the end of the cord.

Since there are many types of cord that can be used in crafting projects, you will find that different cord ends can be used for those projects. At Spotlight, you can obtain cord ends with a round, oval, and even conical shape, so it matches the project you are making.

What Is A Buckle?

Buckles can be used on a variety of crafting projects. Some crafters use buckles to create their own fashion belts, while others attach a decorative buckle to a handbag or other accessory. The applications of the buckle are endless.

At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of buckles. We offer various buckle systems, enabling you to choose the one you are most comfortable with. Of course, we also provide our buckles in various shapes, sizes, and colours.

Which Buckles, Toggles, And Cords Are Most Suitable For My Project?

If you are working on a specific project at the moment, it is likely you already have an idea about the design of the buckle, toggle, or cord. However, if you have not started on your project yet, then the toggles, buckles, and cords you require might not be that obvious.

Crafters who intend on using this range of accessories for their crafting projects can obtain several -this could prove useful for coming up with new designs. Having several of these accessories inside your crafting room can also give you some inspiration for future crafting projects, especially if you regularly create your own accessories such as belts and handbags.



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