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Not Familiar With Flannelette Fabrics? Here's What You Need To Know!

Flannelette is a fabric type that is extremely popular for bedding. In fact, flannelette sheets are counted among the most popular in the world. But what is the attraction? And are there certain things you need to know about flannelette as a crafter? To learn everything you need to know, be sure to read on.

What Is A Flannelette Fabric?

Even though the name flannelette may not ring a bell, it is actually a type of light cotton fabric. It is made with a thicker warp and a thin weft, this creates a fabric with a nap on the surface. In other words, it is a light cotton fabric that feels soft and comfortable.

Is Flannelette The Same Thing As Flannel?

No. Despite their very similar names, flannel is different from flannelette in different ways. Firstly, flannel is made from wool. It does not have a nap on the surface either. That being said, flannel and flannelette are often used interchangeably. Even though most European countries will still sell these fabrics under different names, other countries can sell the fabric under both names. Therefore, it is important to check the product description to determine the source material and if the final fabric does contain a nap or not.

When Should I Choose Flannelette To Make Bedding?

As you may know already, certain fabrics have specific benefits that make them quite suitable for bedding. Flannelette is one such fabric, as they are thicker than most other fabric materials. In addition to their thickness, they also have great warmth. So, this kind of material is brilliant in colder temperatures.

It is important to mention that flannelette fabrics are not always made from 100% cotton. If you want to make bedding from this fabric, it is essential that you find a fabric that consists of 100% cotton, especially if you are using this fabric for its heat-related benefits.

An additional benefit to choosing flannelette is its affordability. The material is widely available and easy to manufacture, so it is certainly a good idea for crafters who find themselves on the budget.

Are There Suitable Flannelette Fabrics For Bedding At Spotlight?

The Spotlight catalogue is packed with suitable flannelette fabrics that can be used for bedding. We do not only provide flannelette for adult bedding, we have some great fabrics for children's bedding too. From fun patterns to solid coloured flannelette fabrics, there is plenty of choice for you.

Are There More Woven Apparel Fabrics At Spotlight?

Woven apparel fabrics can be found on Spotlight in its respective catalogue. In addition to flannelette, you can also find fabric options such as spandex, poplin, and even digitally printed fabrics.

Of course, woven fabrics are not your only option when you shop at Spotlight. The Spotlight catalogue provides you with the largest range of fabrics, suitable to make clothes, bedding, and countless other projects. So, be sure to check out all the fabrics we have on offer and benefit from our amazingly low prices.

Does Spotlight Provide Sewing Supplies For Beginners And Advanced Crafters?

In addition to a stunning range of fabrics, Spotlight delivers a large selection of sewing supplies too. Here are some of the additional options waiting for you at Spotlight.

Trims - In this section, you will find a variety of trims for fashion designs, but also upholstery projects and other sewing designs.

Haberdashery - Our haberdashery section includes most manual sewing supplies. It includes manual sewing needles, dressmaking scissors, pin cushions, elastics, and thread. You will also find some sewing supplies for machine sewing, this includes sewing machine needles, overlocking thread, and loads more.

Quilting - Our quilting section contains everything you need for your quilting projects, this includes wadding, fabrics, flat fats, and more.

Seasonal supplies - Depending on the time of year, you will find some seasonal supplies in our catalogue. For Christmas, you would be able to find Christmas quilting fabrics and more. So, if you are looking for a seasonal project to tackle, you are bound to find some inspiration in our catalogue. Of course, there are more categories to check out depending on the time of year, so be sure to check the catalogue often.



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