Sew In Interfacing

Sew In Interfacing

Add weight, stability and strength to any number of sewing projects with this handy sew-in interfacing fabric from Spotlight. Interfacing is suitable for a variety of uses including lapels, pockets, waistbands, necklines, collars and cuffs, plus many craft projects including bags, wall-hangings, quilting and applique.

Available in a range of weights and thicknesses from sheer to heavy, sew-in interfacing can be used with every type of fabric, and is available by the metre or in pre-cut lengths.

Prefer to use iron-on interfacing? Then check out the Spotlight range of iron-on interfacing fabric in this section too.

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  • Legacy L-906F Fusible Sheer Weight

    Legacy L-906F Fusible Sheer Weight

    Fusible Sheerweight is an ultra lightweight fusible interfacing for sheer to lightweight fabrics. It's great for wovens and knits such as crepe de chine, voile, & handkerchief linen.

    Reg: $2.99 per metre

  • Legacy L-910 Sew-In Feather Weight

    Legacy L-910 Sew-In Feather Weight

    Legacy L-910 Sew-In Featherweight is a lightweight, nonwoven interfacing for light to medium-weight fabrics. It is ideal for use with fabrics such as challis, chambray, jersey, broadcloth, and linen and excellent for blouses, dresses, and lightweight jackets.

    Reg: $3.99 per metre

  • Legacy L-931TD Fusible Mid-Weight

    Legacy L-931TD Fusible Mid-Weight

    Legacy L-931TD Fusible Midweight is a nonwoven, fusible interfacing for medium to heavyweight fabrics. It is perfect for active sportswear, yokes on dresses and shirts, linings for snaps and buttons, and lightweight linings for pillows, curtains, and bags. It is excellent for use with corduroy, chin...

    Reg: $6.99 per metre

  • Legacy L-855F Tailor's Touch

    Legacy L-855F Tailor's Touch

    L-855F Tailor's Touch is a high performance interfacing from Legacy's family of luxury fusibles, offering soft, supple results. It is a stitch-reinforced, fusible, nonwoven interfacing designed for medium to heavy weight woven and knit fabrics, including gabardine, poplin, linen, fine wale corduroy,...

    Reg: $9.99 per metre

  • Legacy L-EK130 Fusible Tricot

    Legacy L-EK130 Fusible Tricot

    Legacy L-EK130 Fusible Tricot is a fusible knit interfacing and supple stabilizer for dresses, jackets, and pants. It is best used with light to midweight knits, wovens, sweater knits, and machine knitted fabrics and is excellent with fabrics such as wool, flannel, and gabardine. Fusible Tricot has ...

    Reg: $7.99 per metre

  • Legacy L-SF101 Cotton Woven Fusible

    Legacy L-SF101 Cotton Woven Fusible

    Legacy L-SF101 Cotton Woven Fusible is an all purpose, woven, fusible interfacing. It provides crisp support for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets, facings, and other detail areas of a garment. It can also add body and permanent stability when used as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery. Cott...

    Reg: $10.99 per metre

  • Formrite Heavy Sew-In Interfacing

    Formrite Heavy Sew-In Interfacing

    High quality Formrite Heavy Sew-In Interfacing. Designed for durability and longevity. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Reg: $5.99 per metre

  • Pattern Material Sew In

    Pattern Material Sew In

    Looking for pattern sew in? Well, look no further, this Pattern Material Sew In is perfect for your fashion, craft, quilting or home decoration use! Get creative with us.

    Reg: $9.99 per metre

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