Girls Tutu Project


  • 50cm x nylon net in 4 or more colours
  • 1m x 45mm ribbon or 25mm non-roll elastic
  • Scissors
  • If using elastic - Hand needle & thread or sewing machine


1. Measure the waist of the child. If using ribbon tie a knot 30cm from one end, measure from the
knot along the ribbon the childs waist measurement and tie a second knot. If using elastic, cut a length the waist measurement, overlap the ends slightly and hand or machine stitch together. do not allow any excess elastic as when attaching the net the elastic will stretch.

2. Cut the net into 15cm x 50cm strips - we used ten strips of each colour.

3. Tie the ends of the ribbon to make taut or place the elastic over the back of a chair.

4. Fold a net strip in half to form a loop, place loop over ribbon, put ends through the loop and pull firmly. Continue adding net strips, alternating colours until ribbon is covered between the knots or elastic is covered.

5. Place around childs waist and tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow. Trim ends. If elastic waist child can step into tutu and pull up to waist.



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