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Thank guests for attending your event with our fab selection of party favours at Spotlight. Whether you are searching for loot bags or goodies to put in there for your child's party or looking for elegant favours or bomboniere for a wedding or engagement, we have party favours that guests of all ages will love in this selection. Send your family and friends home with a special memento of the day and shop our party favours collection at Spotlight.

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Discover Our Tips On Keeping Your Party Favours Affordable

Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, giving your guests some party favours always adds to the excitement and the overall luxurious nature of the event. If you are on a budget, you may think that you cannot give your guests any party favours, but this is not the case. Discover some affordable ways to give your guests party favours and adding to the luxury of your event.

What Are The Best Tips To Keep The Cost Of Party Favours Down?

There are a couple of things you can do to keep the cost of your party favours to a minimum. Of course, shopping with Spotlight is the most important tip, as all our party favours are extremely affordable and easy to obtain. But what are the other things you can do to make them more affordable.


Making some of the items in your party favours yourself can cut some of the cost, especially if you are expecting more than a hundred guests. While you may think that making items for over a hundred guests is time-consuming, it can be relatively straightforward if you keep the items simple. For example, you can head over to the Spotlight catalogue and purchase some supplies for scented candles or soap. As they are easy and affordable to make, they can be the perfect addition to your party favours.

Always Check For Discounts

When you shop at Spotlight, you can find numerous discounts on a regular basis. Even though our party favours are affordable already, these additional discounts can prove useful if you need to purchase party favours in bulk.

The same applies for customers who want to craft party favours themselves. Our crafting supplies are offered at the sharpest prices, but you can get additional deals on a regular basis. So, if you have an event where party favours are needed in the future, why not keep an eye out for the special deals in our catalogue.

What Are Additional Budgeting Tips For Parties?

In addition to your party favours, there are other ways you can save money on your party. Here are some of our favourite cost-cutting methods.

Food and drink: This can take up a large portion of your budget, but some smart planning and choosing the right items can save heaps of cash.

Firstly, do not hire a caterer or order trays of food. While this can take a lot of the work away from your party, it does add a lot more to the price tag. Instead, make your own trays of food and choose some cost-effective ingredients.

If a cake is served during the party, you can make this yourself as well. Decorated cakes can be quite expensive, so if you have some baking skills, nothing is stopping you from making a nice birthday or wedding cake yourself.

Limit the guest list: The more guests you invite to a party, the more your party will cost. Weddings are a prime example. While you may only have forty close friends and family members, most people end up with a guest list that passes two-hundred people. So, by limiting your guest list to the most important people in your social circle, you can save a tremendous amount of money.

Affordable venues: Hosting a party in your own home is the cheapest way of saving on parties, but this might not always be possible. For example, if you have a wedding and more than forty people attending, your home may not be suitable as a party environment.

For bigger parties, look for more affordable venues. Venues such as this are often rented out by the local council or charities, opposed to private organisations. While you may have to do the decorating and catering yourself, the cost will be a lot lower than if you were to choose a dedicated private venue.

Affordable entertainment: Finally, look for some affordable entertainment. Instead of hiring a DJ or another entertainer, look for games that can be played with your guests, or simply create a playlist that is suitable for your party. Everything can be affordable with a little bit of smart planning.



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