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Wrap up your gifts with our fabulous range of roll wrap at Spotlight. Whether you are gift giving at Christmas, spoiling a loved one on their birthday, or just wrapping a parcel to be posted, we have got the gift wrap for you here. With cellophane options that would be ideal for flowers, to wrap and roll that would be perfect for gifts, get wrapped up in our superb selection of roll wrap at Spotlight.

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How Do I Choose The Best Wrapping Paper For Present Wrapping?

There are several times throughout the year where you might need some wrapping paper. Birthdays, Christmas, and even Valentine's Day are just some special occasions where you might need to wrap presents. But how do you choose the best wrapping paper for the presents you need to wrap? Check out the recommendations from the Spotlight team below for more information.

How Do I Choose Gift Wrap For A Special Occasion?

Choosing gift wrap can be done according to the special occasion. For birthdays, you could choose something colourful and festive, while you can choose a red paper for Valentine's Day. During special times of year, you will have no problems finding themed wrapping papers to match the occasion. So, be sure to benefit from the gift wrap offers at Spotlight to get the best wrapping paper for the special occasion in question.

Does The Recipients Personality Matter When Choosing Wrapping Paper?

It most certainly does. For example, there is little point in choosing a colourful and childish wrapping paper for a recipient who is rather serious and professional. So, in addition to choosing a paper that fits the occasion, you should also choose a paper that fits the personality of your recipient.

If you are buying a present for someone you do not really know that well, and you still need to choose some wrapping paper too, it might be best to choose something neutral. In these cases, it is best to avoid additional illustrations or writing on the wrapping paper.

What Is The Best Thickness For Gift Wrap?

As is the case with most things, moderation is recommended for gift wrap too. Wrapping paper that is too thick is incredibly difficult to work with and can make your gift appear bulky and cumbersome. When the paper is too thin, it can rip easily, and you might even be able to see the present through the paper. So, if you want some wrapping paper that is durable and also easy to work with, choose a medium grade wrapping paper.

What Is The Best Way To Wrap A Present?

Below, we will go through the gift-wrapping process as well as the supplies you will require. If you are wrapping something for the first time, or simply want to become better at, be sure to read on.

Prepare beforehand - Before you start wrapping, it is best to find a suitable space. Ideally, you want a relatively large working surface to work with. You also need to put your supplies ready, this includes your wrapping paper, scotch tape, and scissors.

Check for quality - To ensure your wrapped present looks flawless, you must work with quality materials. As mentioned earlier, you should use medium-grade paper. If you are using any cardboard boxes or premade boxes to store the items in, also make sure that they are sturdy and do not rip or fall apart easily.

Ribbon selection - Nowadays, there are different kinds of ribbons you can use for all your gift-wrapping needs. Grosgrain ribbons are the most affordable and the most popular, but they can be more difficult to work with for beginners. For beginners, we usually recommend wire ribbon. Even though wire ribbon is a little more expensive, it is easier to work with.

Pay attention to folds - The way you fold your gift wrap will have a huge influence on how it looks. Always make sure your folds are straight lines, as crooked lines look less than desirable. You should also use clear tape, as any coloured tape could make the gift look horrible.

Experiment with bows - When you make a bow around a gift, there are many ways to do it. However, beginners should always start with the classic bow, which is something you learn as early as kindergarten.

When tying the ribbon, always make sure it is tight around the present. If the bow is too loose, it could fall apart. You should also cut the ribbon with the most appropriate scissors, this will prevent the ribbon from fraying once you cut it from the spool. Also make sure you check the material of the ribbon before you cut it, as this may influence the type of scissors you use.



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