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Questions About Children's Party Etiquette Answered!

Organising a children's birthday party for the first time can be quite daunting. After all, what is the best way to organise a child's party? Which invitations are more appropriate? And should you contact the parents of the children first? To get answers to common questions about children's birthday party etiquette, be sure to check out our useful guide below.

How Many Children Should I Invite To The Birthday Party?

You may not believe this, but there is an actual rule to help you calculate the number of children to invite to your child's birthday party. As a general rule, parents take the age of the child in question and add 1 to it. So, if your children is 7 years old, then you could invite up to 8 guests.

When you do not set a guest limit, it is quite easy for children's parties to get out of hand. Depending on the age of the children, you will also need enough supervision around. In most cases, you will need one adult supervisor per six children.

Should I Invite Adults To The Birthday Party?

There could be some instances where you want to invite relatives to the birthday party. For example, you may want to invite the child's grandparents, aunties, and uncles. Of course, doing so can increase the size of the party dramatically.

If you are considering inviting some relatives, do consider the venue and the activities that are set to take place. If you are taking the children to an indoor playground, your relatives may not want to spend much time there. If you are organising the party at home, then one or two adults to help keep an eye on the children could prove beneficial.

When Should I Have A Birthday Party For My Child?

Until your child reaches the age of three, there is no real benefit to organising birthday parties. After all, children under the age of three cannot really appreciate all the effort that goes into the planning process. These birthday parties are more for the parents as well, so this party usually consists mainly of adults.

Once your child is big enough to go on playdates and has some friends, you can organise a child's birthday party. Even though there is no minimum age range, most parents will find that the age of three and older is the perfect time to start.

How Can I Avoid A Child Being Left Out At A Party?

As soon as a party has more than four guests, it is sometimes easy for one of the children to be left out from the bunch. As you want everyone to have fun - let alone get into trouble with the child's parents - there are some easy ways to ensure no child is excluded.

No parent invites the entire classroom to their child's birthday. However, it is important to explain to your child that it is best not to speak about the party in front of the children who are not invited. It also teaches your kids the value of taking other people's feelings into consideration.

What If An Uninvited Guest Arrives?

You would not be the first parent to encounter this problem. After all, not all children are familiar with how party invitations work. If a child does turn up uninvited at a party, there is nothing else to do but to let the child in and let him or her participate in the birthday party. While it may be unexpected, you do not want the child to be left out or embarrassed.

How Do I Cater For A Child With Special Needs?

When a child with special needs is scheduled to attend the birthday party, you may want to contact the parents beforehand to ensure you can keep the child safe and happy at the party. Of course, this does not mean that the child should be treated differently to the other children. Quite the opposite, the child should feel as a part of the group and should not be made to feel any different than the rest of the children. Fortunately, the parents of the child in question may be able to provide you with helpful tips.



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