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Discover Some Alternative Ideas To Wrap Your Gifts!

Wrapping gifts is quite straightforward for most customers, who have been wrapping birthday and Christmas presents for many years. But what if you are looking for something a little more original? If you want some original ways to wrap or decorate your presents, be sure to check out the alternative ideas from the Spotlight team.

Which Seasonal Items Could I Add To Presents As Gift Decorations?

Depending on the time of year, you could add some seasonal decorations to your presents. Seasonal decorations tend to be most appropriate for those special times of the year, this includes Easter, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.

Easter - During Easter, it can be a good idea to add decorations such as Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. You can also work with the typical Easter colours such as yellow.

Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day is quite easy when you need to add some decorations. You can choose the typical hearts, red colours, or even some cupid images to embellish your presents.

Christmas - During the holiday season, you will be spoilt with decorations to add to your present exterior. Reindeer, Santa Claus, or other Christmas-themed illustrations can all be added to the outside of your present. You can also choose the typical Christmas colours, which include red and gold.

What Are The Best Gift Wrap Colours For Elegant Presents?

When you want to wrap something that looks professional and sophisticated, the colours you choose are extremely important. The most elegant colours might surprise you, as the combination of black and gold is recommended in these cases.

A present in black wrapping paper with some decorative gold or silver accents will look incredibly professional. You could also do it the other way around. For example, you can add some gold wrapping paper with a black professional-looking gift tag.

Is There A Better Way To Add A Name To A Present Than A Gift Tag?

If you want something different than a gift tag to put the name of your recipient on a present, then we have something original for you! Instead of using a gift tag, why not add the name of your recipient to the present itself in an original way.

To add a name to a present, you will need some wrapping paper in a single colour, printed text that is child-friendly on a white piece of paper, scissors, and a basic glue stick.

First, wrap your present in the gift wrap you have selected. Then, cut the letters from the printed piece of paper. You might want to draw the letters in pencil for easier cutting. For letters such as "a" and "e", you might want to use a craft knife and a cutting mat for more detail. Once you have cut all your letters, glue them on top of the wrapping paper.

You can add the letters to any location on the wrapping paper, but it is certainly a good idea to plan where you will put the letters. For smaller presents, you should be able to fill the entire paper. For larger presents, try to put the letters in the bottom corner for a cleaner look.

Can I Add Some Functional Decorations To Children's Presents?

When you wrap presents for a child for a special occasion, you can add some functional decorations to the outside. After all, a child has little use for decorative ribbons or other decorations that are usually added to presents.

One fun "decoration" to add to the outside of a child's present is a small selection of crayons. Simply cut a small strip of duct tape with a colourful theme and stick the crayons to the outside of the box. This way, the present looks even more attractive!

Can I Use Anything Else Than Ribbons?

If you want something different than ribbons, you could consider some twine instead. Twine is a popular alternative these days, since it is environmentally friendly and can be reused.

Customers who decide to work with ribbon can still use some similar techniques to make their present look more original. For example, you can weave the ribbon over the present instead of making the traditional bow. Various tutorials on how to do this are available online.



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