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Find Out How To Expertly Gift Wrap Your Presents

There are many special occasions where you might need to wrap presents. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings. These are just a few occasions where you might implement your expert gift-wrapping skills. If you are looking to sharpen your gift-wrapping skills for a future special occasion, check out some of our expert tips below.

Why Is It Important To Prepare The Gift-Wrapping Table?

You might be wrapping your gifts on the kitchen table, but that does not mean you should not prepare the environment for the gift-wrapping process. After all, you do not want any breakfast remains to end up on the inside or outside of your present.

Before you start gift-wrapping, always wipe down the table surface and make sure it is completely clean. You should also put your gift-wrapping tools nearby, as the last thing you want is having to look for tape or scissors when you are in the middle of the gift-wrapping process.

What Type Of Wrapping Paper Is Best For My Presents?

Most people who have wrapped presents for many years have obtained their own preferences, but we usually recommend wrapping paper of medium thickness. Lighter wrapping paper is quite easy to rip and can sometimes be transparent, this could mean the present inside becomes visible. Thick papers can be problematic too, as it is more difficult to get a streamlined result. With thick paper, it is very easy to get a bulky present appearance, which is not something you want either.

There are plenty of gift-wrapping papers with a medium thickness. You can even get various finishes, this goes from matte to metallic. You can also get them in a single colour or with patterns. So, you will have no trouble finding something to match the special occasion.

How Do I Obtain The Right Amount Of Wrapping Paper For My Present?

This is often a troublesome point for beginners, who often cut too little or too much wrapping paper for the present size they have. Fortunately, there is an easy trick to obtain the right amount of wrapping paper.

Before cutting your paper, roll some wrapping paper from the roll. Then, place your present in the middle and measure the length by pulling the end of the wrapping paper to the side of the present. To get the right length, the end of the wrapping paper should reach just over the middle of the present.

For really delicate jobs, you can also use a ruler to get the right size, this could be recommended for presents that are not rectangular or square in shape. Still, the method described above can be used for presents in all shapes and sizes.

Where Should I Position The Present Before I Start Gift-Wrapping?

The place where you put your present at the start of the wrapping process can make things a lot easier on you. First, make sure the present is placed top down on the wrapping paper. Then, pull the end of the wrapping paper just over the top of your gift. We also recommend folding over the edge a little, this gives you a cleaner finish.

Please note that you should never apply tape on the present itself, this can cause damage to the packaging as the gift gets unwrapped. It can also cause a problem with the overall finish of your wrapped present, so just keep the end of the paper in place until you have fastened your second edge.

How Do I Wrap Cylindrical Presents?

It may seem near to impossible, but there is a method to it. When you wrap a cylindrical present, always imagine you are wrapping a bon-bon or another piece of candy. Roll the wrapping paper over the middle of the present and then scrunch the paper on the edges. You can then add a ribbon to make it look more elegant.

Which Embellishments Should I Use For A Beautiful Finish?

You can choose traditional embellishments such as ribbons, but you can also use some natural finishes. During the holiday season, you can use small pine branches, pine cones, or other unique embellishments to make your present stand out. You could even use something simple as a little bit of rosemary to appeal to sight and smell.



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