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For the biggest balloons on offer, look no further than our great super shape foil balloons here at Spotlight! If you are looking for more balloons, our party range has a wide selection of offer, including plain and printed latex balloons, as well as many different coloured, printed and shaped foil balloons for every occasion. Together with our party decorations, tableware, games, invitations, loot bags, favours and other party accessories, you can now easily create a themed party, or commemorate any occasion, special event or birthday with our superb range of party items from Spotlight.

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Essential Decorations You Cannot Miss Out On For Effortless Decorating

Decorating a party can be effortless if you have the right supplies! Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight, who provides you with many party decorations at the most affordable prices in New Zealand. But what are the essential party decorations that can make your party more effortless? Be sure to read out to find out!

What Are The Most Effortless Party Decorations?

Certain decorations require far less effort than others. If you want to transform your home or a special venue in a minimum amount of time, then you will need these decorations in your arsenal.

Bunting: One of the easiest and most impactful decorations out there is bunting. You can get bunting for all kinds of special occasions these days, and most designs can be used for all types of celebrations. All you must do is attach the bunting to your chosen location and the transformation is complete.

Balloons: Balloons are not only effortless decorations - they are essentials too. While you may wonder why we included balloons in this effortless overview, the answer is quite straightforward.

Balloons create an immediate party atmosphere, no matter the occasion. Whether you decorate for a wedding, a birthday, or a christening, the right selection of balloons tells your guests all you need to know. In fact, you could decorate your party venue completely with a nice selection of balloons, without using any other supplies!

Spotlight offers quite the extensive range of balloons, which stretches far beyond our super shape foil balloons range. From themed foil balloons to latex multipacks, you can find them all in the Spotlight catalogue for an affordable price.

Vases: Some strategically placed vases with a bouquet of flowers is as easy as it gets when it comes to decorations. You can even use some plastic flowers that look like the real thing if you do not want to contact your florist at the day of the party. Simply place your vases on the table(s), fill them with your preferred flowers, and let them do their magic.

Garlands: Garland fulfills the same function as bunting and is just as straightforward to use. Simply add your garland to your preferred area and see how the room transforms into a party zone!

Themed paper plates: When you do not want to be stuck with the washing up, be sure to have a look around for some fun paper plates at Spotlight. Paper plates can easily be disposed of and do not require clean-up. Of course, the theme also adds to the vibe of your party. It does not get much more effortless than that.

String lights: If you want to set the mood with the right selection of lights, be sure to choose some inexpensive string lights you can strategically hang around your venue. Not only are they affordable, they require extraordinarily little setup and can transform any room into something magical.

Which Party Decorations Show An Attention To Detail?

When you do not want to spend hours decorating, but still want your guests to feel like you did, you can use some show-stopping party decorations. These are some of the party decorations that show your impeccable eye for detail.

Themed drinking straws: Something as simple as some themed drinking straws can make an event feel complete. Nowadays, you can also get reusable themed straws, which means you can use them for future special occasions too!

Cocktail accessories: Make sure you have a selection of cocktail accessories laying around for those adult parties. Cocktail accessories show a tremendous eye for detail and contribute to your overall party theme. You can get these cocktail accessories in all kinds of shapes and colours these days, so you are bound to find something to match your theme at Spotlight.

Drink dispensers: You may not want to be running around all evening getting your guests drinks, so be sure to check out some drink dispensers. To ensure your guests notice your eye for detail, choose a drink dispenser that matches your theme. If you cannot find one, simply place it on a table with a themed tablecloth. Doing so will make your party come together even more, and guests will be impressed.

Party Supplies And Decorations From The Number 1 Supplier In New Zealand

Spotlight delivers an astronomical number of party supplies and decorations, all at the sharpest prices. If you are looking to impress your guests with an amazing party venue, but do not want to spend an entire week on the decorating process, why not invest in some of our effortless party supplies? You can also count on the Spotlight helium service to fill your foil balloons up for you, so you do not have to worry about anything! Check out the deals today to get started!



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