Coloured Foil Balloons

Show your Love, or tell someone they are a Star, with these beautiful and cleverly shaped foil balloons from Spotlight! Heart and Star shaped foil balloons, available in a range of colours, will say as much as a card or a bunch of flowers but in a more original way. As well as these coloured foil balloons, also check out our huge range of printed foil balloons, plain and printed latex balloons and special bubble balloons, to find the ideal party decorations for your next event. Together with balloon weights, ribbons and other accessories, they are just part of the huge range of party items available at Spotlight.

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The Benefits Of Using Foil Balloons For Your Party

Foil balloons can be quite beneficial for parties, especially when you consider the many benefits that they have over foil balloons. If you are curious about foil balloons and why you should choose them for your event, gathering or party, be sure to read on.

What Are The Benefits Of Foil Balloons Compared To Latex Balloons?

It is widely known that foil balloons have different properties to latex balloons, so it is no surprise they look quite different too. That being said, they have some clear benefits consumers should be aware of too.

One of the biggest advantages of foil balloons is their longer inflation life. When you need to prepare for a party, having to blow up the balloons on the day can be quite the arduous process. However, foil balloons have an average inflation life of five days. This means you can definitely use these balloons for events that last longer than a single day.

Another major advantage of foil balloons is that they come in many different shapes. When you think of the average latex balloon, you think of the typical teardrop design. However, foil balloons offer much more than that, this includes hearts, squares, rectangles, stars, letters, numbers, and loads more. Evidently, this gives you a lot more options where customisation is concerned.

In addition to using foil balloons to decorate a party venue, you could also consider these balloons to decorate gifts. They are often used for birthday gifts and christenings, but also find applications for weddings and anniversaries.

Finally, did you know that foil balloons are actually great for taking photographs? Foil has natural reflecting qualities, which means they provide much better lighting at your party venue.

What Are The Benefits Of Latex Balloons Over Foil Balloons?

Spotlight also provides a range of latex balloons, so you can count on us for both foil and latex options. To ensure you are fully informed about the benefits of each, we have provided an overview of all the benefits of latex balloons below too.

When you need a large quantity of balloons for a party or an event, then latex balloons tend to be the right option. Compared to foil balloons, latex balloons are considerably cheaper, which means you will pay a lower price when you purchase them in bulk. However, if you need some decorative and standout balloons as well, you can always use a combination of latex balloons and foil balloons.

In addition to being affordable, latex balloons are also quite versatile. Even though they do not come in as many shapes as foil balloons, they can be filled with air, water, and even helium. Naturally, this gives you many options for a variety of parties.

While most foil balloons are not biodegradable, latex balloons are! The average biodegrading period of latex balloons is between four months and eight years. So, it does depend on the type of latex balloon you purchase. Nevertheless, all latex balloons are biodegradable. As a result, this also means you can release latex balloons filled with helium without any problem.

Much like foil balloons, you can find latex balloons in all the colours of the rainbow. They can also have different designs and text printed on them, which allows consumers to get lots of customisation. Of course, you can also count on the basic latex balloons without a print, these are often used to make balloon animals and even balloon arches.

The final advantage of latex balloons is that they are so easy to transport. Foil balloons can be easy to transport too, providing you hire a balloon gas tank and blow up the balloons at the venue. Of course, you can also benefit from our helium service, which allows you to get your balloons blown up by us without having to hire a helium tank!

Balloons And Balloon Accessories At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can benefit from a large range of balloons and balloon accessories, which are counted among the most affordable in New Zealand. So, if you have a large gathering, a party, or an event in the nearby future, be sure to check out our catalogue and take advantage of our amazing prices.



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