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Finish off your fancy dress, school or theatre costumes with the appropriate jewellery with these great costume jewellery accessories from Spotlight! Necklaces, rings, king and queen crowns, wands, and even a pirate eyepatch can be found in this range. Also included are self-adhesive body jewellery images, various rubber bracelets and a whistle on a chain. Remember to also check out our separate ranges of gloves, hats, wigs, glasses, beards and moustaches for many more fun additions to your adult or child costume, all available here at Spotlight.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is commonly associated with plays and movies. However, costume jewellery does find applications in the modern fashion world too. If you know little about costume jewellery, but would love to learn more about it, be sure to read on.

What Is Costume Jewellery?

Costume jewellery is another word for imitated jewellery or "fake" jewellery. However, this does not mean that they are any less popular. In fact, most jewellery pieces people wear these days are classed as costume jewellery, so you may be more familiar with it than you think.

When Did Costume Jewellery First Go On Sale?

Costume jewellery can be traced back to the early 1900's. Back in those days, costume jewellery was not considered as "fake", but rather an affordable way to enjoy the most elaborate jewellery designs. Much costume jewellery was made with semiprecious stones and materials, making them look fabulous without the high price tag.

Surprisingly, many renowned designers would jump on the costume jewellery band wagon in the 1920's, this included Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. As a result, buying costume jewellery was no longer frowned upon by the higher classes.

How Did Costume Jewellery Evolve Over The Years?

Since its creation, costume jewellery has never gone out of style. In fact, costume jewellery even enjoyed great success during the wear, this because there was limited access to precious materials. Costume jewellery became so popular that designers even bought beaded clothing and removed the materials to make their costume jewellery designs.

Costume jewellery was not only popular in the United States, it soon found applications in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. Even after the war, costume jewellery remained popular through the use of semi-precious stones.

Evidently, costume jewellery was not only popular during the twenties and during wartime, it is still popular among some of the world's most renowned designers, this includes Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein. Even though costume jewellery goes up and down where designer visibility is concerned, it never really goes out of style.

When Should I Wear Costume Jewellery?

Costume jewellery can be incredibly fun as well as bold, so there are plenty of opportunities to wear this kind of jewellery for special occasions. If you are thinking about obtaining some costume jewellery, be sure to consider the following tips from our experts.

Costume jewellery rings - These rings tend to be incredibly bold with oversized semi-precious and precious stones. Because of the fact they can contain some valuable materials, you will find these rings in all kinds of price ranges.

When you wear costume jewellery rings, you must decide whether you want to draw attention or not. While you can choose some bolder options, there are understated rings that can blend with eveningwear flawlessly.

Costume jewellery necklaces - Colourful costume jewellery necklaces tend to be incredibly popular these days. In fact, Louis Vuitton has its own version with lots of sparkle, which is perfect for a formal event. Of course, genuine Louis Vuitton can be quite expensive, so do not be afraid to look for some of the cheaper options that resemble the designer trend.

Costume jewellery bracelets - Bracelets never go out of style either, but those made with fancy materials can be quite expensive. If you are thinking of obtaining a costume jewellery bracelet, we suggest choosing the so-called friendship bracelet with semi-precious stones and a subtle silver or rose gold undertone.

Costume jewellery earrings - You can find many intricate costume jewellery earrings that will complement your personal style. One of the most popular ones is the so-called chandelier earrings, which have their name because they look like a chandelier. You can find expensive designer options, but affordable options are also available these days.

Getting Costume Jewellery From Spotlight - Spotlight provides a beautiful range of costume jewellery. Our costume jewellery can easily go with one of your fancy-dress costumes, but we also have costume jewellery that will work flawlessly with your casual and formal clothing. In our extensive catalogue, you can also find some costume jewellery for kids, which can be worn daily or combined with a fun Halloween costume. Check out the range today to find some amazing deals!



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