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How To Add Sprinkles To Your Homemade Cake

Adding sprinkles to any homemade cake is quite straightforward, but you can always use some top tips to get an even better result. If you are applying sprinkles for the first time, then be sure to check out our guide for new bakers.

How Do I Ensure A Mess-Free Application Of Sprinkles?

Many bakers avoid sprinkles because they can leave quite of a mess. However, if you prepare your work area accordingly, sprinkles do not have to leave any mess. To prepare your work area for sprinkles, all you need is a clean work surface and a clean plate.

To ensure sprinkles do not cover your entire kitchen, simply put the cake on the plate. If you have a cake that is quite big, you can also put the plate in an oven tray, this will catch any sprinkles that do not get caught on your cake.

How Do I Prevent Sprinkles Coming Off My Cake?

Naturally, sprinkles will not adhere to a basic cake. You must apply something sticky that the sprinkles will adhere too. In most cases, bakers will use a small amount of icing to keep the sprinkles in place.

Before you apply any icing to the cake, always make sure the cake has cooled down completely. If the case is still warm, the icing will begin the melt, this is far from ideal for the application of sprinkles. Melted icing can also influence the taste, so wait for the right amount of time before you start the application process.

To ensure a smooth look for your sprinkled cake, always make sure that you apply icing evenly. You can easily do this with a basic kitchen knife, but a frosting knife can also do an excellent job.

Once you have applied the first layer of frosting, put the cake in the refrigerator for approximately twenty minutes. Please note that some types of icing may need some extra time to harden, so always check before you take the cake out of the fridge.

When you have taken your cake out of the fridge, apply your second layer of icing. You can use a basic kitchen knife, spatula, or a frosting knife depending on your preferences. Once you have applied your second layer of frosting, you can apply the sprinkles.

Which Kind Of Sprinkles Should I Use For My Cake?

Sprinkles of various colours can be used for different events. Of course, you can also choose colours that match the event. For Christmas, use shiny gold or silver sprinkles. During Halloween, you can use a selection of orange sprinkles. For birthday cakes, you can use a selection of multi-coloured sprinkles.

What Is The Best Way To Apply Sprinkles?

There are various methods you can use to apply sprinkles. Below, we have displayed our favourite methods. Of course, you will undoubtedly encounter your own preferences for sprinkle application over time.

Hand application - When applying sprinkles by hand, we usually recommend using some gloves. The warmth of your hands could cause sprinkles to start melting, plus it is not as hygienic to use your hands alone.

Application by hand is most suitable for the side of your cake. It is also a suitable method for larger cakes that are difficult to roll or cakes who are prone to crumbling.

You can apply sprinkles by hand on the top of your cake too. Of course, it does require a little bit of technique. Simply grab a small number of sprinkles and distribute them evenly across the surface.

Spatula - If you rather not add sprinkles by hand, you can use a spatula too. We often recommend using a combination of manual application and a spatula, as the latter will ensure an even distribution of sprinkles across the cake surface.

Rolling - If you have a small and relatively dense cake, you can roll the cake through the sprinkles too. Simply apply the icing to the bottom of the cake and then roll through the sprinkles. Do the same to the top of the cake and repeat the process until you are happy. You can also use a combination of manual application and rolling, this to prevent frosting sticking to your hands.



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