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At Spotlight, you can find everything that you need to inspire your baked creations, including this fabulous selection of cupcake and muffin cups, picks and wraps. Whether you are shopping for cake cups that will perfectly match the theme of your party, cake cases and decorations for a bake sale or family treat, or picks and wraps that will add that final flourish. Shop all your baking needs at Spotlight for bargains galore across the collection.

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Discover Our Expert Tips To Make The Best Muffins

Making a good batch of muffins has become a whole lot easier with the specialist supplies for cupcakes and muffins at Spotlight. Of course, if you would like to sharpen your skills and make your cupcakes the envy of the neighbourhood, then we can share some top tips with you below.

Why Is It Important To Mix Wet And Dry Ingredients Separately For Cupcakes?

Beginners often do not realise, but keeping your ingredients separate is important. You should always start by mixing the wet ingredients and then take a separate bowl for your dry ingredients. To mix your wet ingredients with your dry ingredients, make a little hole in the middle of your dry ingredients. Then, gently stir all the ingredients together.

How Much Stirring Is Enough?

You may believe that stirring your cupcakes longer is better, but this is not the case. In fact, when you stir your cupcake ingredients too long, it could make your cupcake batter too thin. Before you put your cupcakes in the oven, they should always feel thick. So, you should only stir until the lumps are all gone.

What Is The Best Time To Add Flavours To My Cupcake Batter?

Even though you may not have thought about this yet, the time where you add your flavours is actually quite important. Of course, there is a difference between spices and flavours such as extracts.

If you use extracts or fresh flavourings such as nuts and fruits, you should always add them once you have mixed your wet and dry ingredients. By adding them last, your flavours will mix with the cupcakes a lot better.

How Do I Prevent My Cupcakes And Muffins From Sticking To The Pan?

Preventing cupcakes and muffins from sticking to your tin or tray, you should always grease it in with some butter. Some bakers also add a little flour, which makes it easy to remove the muffins and the cupcakes.

If you do not like to mess around with butter and flour, you can always use some baking parchment. Evidently, when you use this parchment in smaller tins, you may have cut the parchment down a little.

There are some benefits to using baking paper over butter too. When you use baking paper, the cupcakes and muffins usually last longer. So, if you are baking your muffins and cupcakes some time before you going to eat them, be sure to use baking paper over butter.

What Is The Best Way To Add Muffin Batter To Muffin Tins Or Cups?

Anyone who has baked muffins before already knows that adding the batter to the muffin cups can be a little messy. To prevent the batter from sticking to your hands, you could use a dedicated tool instead. A small ice cream scoop usually does the job perfectly, but you could also obtain a dedicated muffin scoop.

How Full Should I Fill Muffin Tins?

The right amount of batter in your muffin cups will ensure your muffins have the perfect size. When in doubt, only fill the muffin tins for about 75%. If you add more, your muffins could be a little too high. The batter could also rise far over the thin, which is not recommended for optimal flavour.

What Can I Add To Muffins To Make Them Even Nicer?

Even if you have a lovely recipe for muffins, there are always ways to make your muffins even better. One of the easiest ways to add more flavour is with your favourite selection of sprinkles. Of course, to make the sprinkles adhere to the muffin perfectly, you should always apply a small amount of icing.

How Do I Prevent My Muffin Pan From Buckling?

If you do not fill up all the muffin cups, it is not unusual for a muffin pan to start buckling. To prevent this from happening, simply add some baking weights to the empty cups, this will keep everything in its place while the muffins are baking.

When you take the muffins out of the oven, do not take them out of the tin immediately. Let them sit and cool down for a while, this makes it a little easier to get them out.



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