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Cake pops are fun, fabulous and a sweet snack for any party or event. These cute little sweet treats are delicious and easy to make and in this collection you will find everything that you need to create them. Our sticks and foil wraps are also ideal for making a whole range of different confectionaries, including lollipops. Make treats for everyone you love and shop our extensive range of cake pops, sticks and foil wraps at Spotlight.

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How Do You Make The Best Cake Pops? Find Out With Our Beginners Guide!

Cake pops are delicious and can be served at virtually any party. But how do you create the best cake pops? And which recipe should you follow to leave a lasting impression? With our beginners guide to cake pops, all these questions are answered.

What Do I Need To Make Cake Pops?

To make your cake pops, you will need a couple of things. You will need some cake, frosting, candy wafers, a cookie scoop, baking paper, a cake pop stand, gloves, and your favourite selection of sprinkles. More supplies may be required depending on the recipe you are following.

Why Should I Never Make Cake Pops With Oil?

When you browse some recipes for cake pops, you will undoubtedly encounter some recipes that require the use of oil. However, oil is never recommended for cake pops. Those of you who have used oil in the past will have noticed that it makes the sticks dirty and even causes your pops to become all mushy. Therefore, always use recipes that require butter instead.

What Are The Steps To Making Candy Pops?

To help you create your first selection of candy pops, we have described each of the steps in a little more detail below.

The crumbling process - Before you do anything else, start crumbling your cake in a bowl. Doing this with your hands usually provides the best result, but you could also use a paddle mixer on its lowest setting. As a beginner, we recommend taking a little bit of these cake crumbs and putting them aside. Leave the remainder of the cake crumbs in the bowl. If you add too much frosting during the mixing process, you can always balance things out with the extra cake crumbs.

The dough making process - Add your desired amount of frosting to the cake crumbs, this can be any flavour you like, but it becomes better when it matches the flavour of the cake. Popular all-round flavours include buttercream and meringue.

When you add the frosting to the bowl, it is usually best to add a little at a time. Two tablespoons at a time is usually enough. Before adding any more, make sure you mix the cake with the frosting properly.

You can usually tell how much frosting you will need by looking how "wet" the dough is. If you find the dough a little too dry, adding a little more frosting is recommended. Just keep adding frosting until you are happy.

Shape the pops - Grab your cookie scoop and put it in the dough. Then, add one scoop to some baking parchment and roll the acquired dough into a ball. While you could use solely your hands for this process, the size of your cake pop balls will be more consistent with a cookie scoop.

To ensure the balls retain their shape, we recommend placing the cake pops in the fridge for at least five minutes. If you intend on keeping them in the fridge longer, always make sure you cover them with something light.

The wafer melting process - While your balls are cooling down in the fridge, melt down your candy wafers. You can do this by placing them in a suitable bowl in the microwave for approximately thirty seconds. Do not forget to stir in between to avoid problems.

To ensure better coating, you can also mix your melted wafers with some Paramount crystals. Add one teaspoon of Paramount wafers to the mixture for the best result.

The sticking process - Once everything has been melted, mixed, and refrigerated, it is time to take the balls from the refrigerator. Let your cake pop balls sit in room temperature for a few minutes, depending on the time they have spent in the fridge. Then, take one of the sticks and dip it in the coating. Then, put the stick through the ball.

The coating process - Once you have all the balls on the sticks, you can coat all of them in the melted wafer coating. Simply hold the stick and dip the ball in completely. Then, place the pop in a dedicated stand and allow to dry before serving.

Please note, you can add some extra things to decorate your cake pops, this includes some sprinkles. It is best to do this when the coating is still wet, this so the sprinkles adhere to the coating.



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