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Essential for the professional and the home baker alike, whatever you are baking we have got the trays and cake tins for you in this selection. At Spotlight, we have tins and moulds of all shapes and sizes, with muffin tins, springform pans, cake tins, pie dishes and more. Make sure your bake always rises to the occasion and shop baking trays and cake tins at Spotlight.

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Choose The Right Bakeware For The Right Job With This Useful Guide

Choosing your bakeware is important to get the most from your baked goodies. After all, baking muffins on a normal oven tray is far from easy and ideal. To ensure you can tackle most baking tasks with the greatest of ease, here is our handy guide to bakeware.

What Should I Use Oven Trays For?

Even though you may believe the cake tin is the gold standard when it comes to bakeware, you cannot underestimate the basic oven tray. Oven trays can easily be covered with baking parchment and can therefore be used for common baked goods such as cookies and biscuits.

While you do not necessarily need the baking parchment with oven trays - as you could also use some butter and flower - bakers will find that baking paper will make cleaning an oven tray a whole lot easier. If you want to make cookies and biscuits with minimal fuss and clean-up, a good oven tray and some baking paper is all you need.

When Should I Use Cupcake Trays?

The name of the cupcake tray says it all, this bakeware is used for baked goodies such as cupcakes and muffins. If you are not familiar with cupcake trays, you can easily recognise them, as they contain separate sections to pour your cupcake or muffin mix in.

Beginners often attempt to cook their muffins and cupcakes without the cupcake tray, but this can cause some serious difficulties. After all, the paper that is used to surround the cupcake and muffin mix can easily curl or move, leaving your muffins and cupcakes in an unusual shape. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that anymore when you have one of our cupcake trays.

When Should I Use Flat Tins?

The flat tin is usually a piece of bakeware most bakers forget to obtain. However, you will need a flat tin for many different purposes, this includes baking pies, tarts, and flans. Please note that these tins can come with a ribbed design as well as a straight design on the side. So, one can usually recognise these tins by their short sides alone.

Before you bake a flan or quiche in this kind of tin, always make sure you grease it in properly, this enables you to remove it much easier once the baking process is done. Some of these tins also come with a base you can push or removable sides, this also makes it easier to remove the flan or the quiche.

When Should I Use Baking Stones?

If you do not have the old-fashioned baking oven, you can use a baking stone to simulate the good old baking experience instead. There are a bunch of things you can cook on a baking stone, this includes traditional pizza and homemade bread.

When Should I Use A Regular Cake Tin?

Cake tins are used to bake all matters of cake, so you can use them for most cakes you have in mind. As they come in various shapes, you can easily bake anything from round to heart-shaped cakes. You can also use cake tins of different sizes to build a multi-layered cake.

Even though you may not have thought about it, you should consider the size of your cake tins carefully. The size of your cake tin should always match the recipe. If you have a different cake tin size, it could influence how long you should leave the cake in the oven.

Is The Material Of My Bakeware Important?

Bakeware can be made from various materials and it can somewhat influence the properties of bakeware. Below, you will find an overview of the most important materials and their characteristics.

Ceramic bakeware - This material has a natural non-stick property and is highly resistant to scratches. It is also one of the most durable options out there.

Aluminium bakeware - If you are looking for good heat transition, this is the material for you. Aluminium is also lightweight, which is beneficial for anyone who lacks strength.

Glass bakeware - This material is stable for extreme temperatures and provides good heat conduction.

Silicone - Use silicone when you need even heat distribution or flexible bakeware that is easier to store.



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