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Pick The Right Dinnerware For Your Home

Dinnerware is an important part of your home. After all, this will be used to have your dinner, soups, and other foods on a daily basis. While most dinnerware can appear remarkably similar upon first glance, there are different materials that can be used to make your dinnerware. Being informed about these materials ensures you end up with the best options for your home. So, let's take a look at common dinnerware materials and their benefits.

What Is Earthenware?

Earthenware is a material that is commonly used for plates, bowls, and mugs. It is a ceramic material that has been fired and then glazed. As this production process requires minimal effort and overall cost, you will find that earthenware is counted among the most affordable options out there.

Upon first glance, earthenware can look quite thick and it does have quite the traditional feel. However, we must mention that there are stronger options out there, as earthenware can be more susceptible to common types of damage such as chipping. On the flipside, you can use this kind of material in the microwave and your dishwasher. Therefore, it remains a good and affordable choice for most households.

Is There A More Durable Alternative To Earthenware?

Those who like the look and feel of earthenware but want something a little more durable could consider stoneware instead. Like earthenware, stoneware is made from a ceramic material. However, as it is made differently during the manufacturing process, it is somewhat stronger than the earthenware variant.

When you compare stoneware to porcelain, you will immediately notice how much finer the material is. This has everything to do with the addition of glass materials during the production process. The glass gives stoneware some added strength, but also influences its overall body.

Households that choose stoneware can usually count on dinnerware with a variety of finishes as well. They can be made with a popular shiny or matte finish, but also a satin finish for those luxury lovers.

Like earthenware, stoneware can be used in the microwave and the dishwasher. They are relatively durable, albeit a little more expensive than the earthenware ceramic variant.

Is Porcelain Dinnerware A Good Idea?

Everyone is familiar with porcelain as a material, which is basically sourced from fine clay. During the manufacturing process, additional materials such as quartz and feldspar are added. Then, they are all placed under an extremely high temperature to obtain porcelain.

As dinnerware, porcelain has countless benefits. It is a non-porous material with incredible strength, yet it appears to be quite thin and elegant. The majority of manufacturers also make their porcelain dinnerware safe for the dishwasher and the oven. However, always be careful with porcelain dinnerware that has additional gold or silver in the design, this could cause problems in the microwave. So, refer to the manufacturer instructions at all times.

Is Bone China The Same As Porcelain Dinnerware?

No. Bone china is made from a combination of animal bones and clay. While its source may not sound too pleasant, the result is one of the strongest dinnerware materials. However, the price of bone china can be incredibly high.

Should I Obtain Glass Dinnerware Instead Of Ceramics?

Glass dinnerware has increased in popularity over the years, so manufacturers have searched for methods to make this dinnerware just as strong and durable as the alternatives. One good option at the moment is so-called vitrified glass, this is glass that is fired under extremely high temperatures. Through the high temperatures, the glass becomes a non-porous material and can deliver durable dinnerware.

While you might think that glass will break when it falls on the floor, this is not the case for vitrified glass. In fact, dinnerware made from this material are suitable for households with children.

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