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What Are The Best Materials For Serving Trays?

When you take a quick look at the Spotlight catalogue, you will notice that we provide serving trays in all kinds of materials. With this, you may wonder what the best materials are for serving trays. Of course, the answer depends on your requirements and your overall budget. Let's look at the various materials that can be used for serving trays and their respective benefits.

What Are The Most Common Materials For Serving Trays?

As we briefly mentioned already, serving trays can be made from different materials. Below, Spotlight made a list with the most common materials and their respective benefits, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your serving trays.

Plastic: This is the most affordable type of material. However, it is worth noting that the properties may depend on the type of plastic used - this includes polypropylene, polycarbonate or polystyrene.

In addition to being affordable, plastic is remarkably durable as well. If you intend on using a serving tray daily, or inside a home with kids, then the plastic option will be the best choice.

Fibreglass: Trays made from fibreglass are more expensive than plastic serving trays, but they are stronger than plastic. They weigh less as well, which is why they are often used in restaurants for waiting staff.

Fibreglass trays can come in beautiful designs as well. They can also come in various colours, ensuring that the trays in question match your interior.

Wood: Another strong material for serving trays is wood. It has a natural look and feel too, which works great in most contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Just like plastic, wood serving trays can be made with different kinds of wood, going from acacia wood to bamboo. Of course, each of these wood types has its own distinct look and feel.

Metal: Serving trays made from metal are a popular choice for meats, as they can carry hot foods without becoming affected. On the flipside, metal can look a little cold, so we only recommend this option for modern interiors.

How To Keep My Serving Trays Clean?

Depending on the material your serving tray is made of, you will use a different cleaning method. Let's look at each material in a bit more detail.

Plastics, laminates and fibreglass are cleaned in the same manner, as these materials don't cope well with warm temperatures. In other words, you cannot place these serving trays in a dishwasher, as the warm water temperature could cause the tray to warp. Instead, the tray should be wiped clean.

Of course, there are some instances where you might need to remove a stain of a tray made from these materials. In these cases, you can use some soapy water and a microfibre cloth to clean the tray. Once it is clean, make sure you dry it immediately.

There are also so-called non-slip trays out there. For non-slip trays, we also recommend using a soft, microfibre cloth and some soapy water. For non-slip materials, never use a scouring sponge or a bristle brush, as this could negatively affect the non-slip layer.

Wood is another material that you need to be careful with, as they can be more susceptible to moisture. They shouldn't be put in a dishwasher either. When this is done, the wood will start to expand and eventually crack. In other words, wooden trays should always be cleaned by hand.

The only tray that can be placed in a dishwasher is the metal tray. As mentioned before, this material can stand warm temperatures and can therefore be washed in the machine. On the flipside, it can be scratched. So, don't use anything too abrasive where cleaning products and tools are concerned.

What Shapes And Sizes Of Serving Trays Are Available?

Serving trays are available in much more than the standard rectangular shape. Nowadays, you can also get them in oval and round shapes. While the rectangular serving tray is the most popular, there are some dedicated applications for round and oval options too. Ideally, you want to have one of each for dinner parties, gatherings, or other special occasions. Of course, they prove useful for everyday serving purposes too.

Serving Trays and Dishes At Spotlight

Spotlight provides everything you need to serve or present food in the best way possible. Whether you want to add some serving dishes to your kitchen or simply want something special for a dinner party, you can find it all in our extensive catalogue.

In addition to our range of serving platters and trays, you can count on Spotlight for other serving ware as well. So, if you want an excellent deal on serving utensils, trays and accessories, be sure to head over to the main catalogue and check out all the amazing offers waiting for you.



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