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Here at Spotlight, browse our range of fun, decorative serving dishes that will add some elegance and colour to your table, while at the same time providing a practical use for serving different types of food. Whether you are looking for a large platter or a set of small dishes for condiments, you will find it here, as well as decorative cheese plates and dip dishes in different stylish designs. Treat yourself or combine with some delicious treats to make an interesting and thoughtful foodie gift for friends or loved ones.

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How To Host A Dinner Party Without All The Hassle?

A dinner party is always fun, especially if you love cooking and impressing your guests with your cooked masterpieces. Of course, when you are a bit of a perfectionist, a dinner party could be stressful as well. If you want to learn how to host the perfect dinner party through a combination of our serving ware and your skills, be sure to read on.

How Many People To Invite For A First Dinner Party?

Don't go overboard for your first dinner party. While you may want to impress countless guests with your culinary creations, the more guests you invite the more stressful it will be. If you are about to throw your first dinner party, we recommend a maximum of four guests to start.

The people you invite can have an influence on your stress levels too. For example, if you invite four of your closest friends, you will feel more comfortable than if you were trying to impress acquaintances or critical family members. It also guarantees a pleasant atmosphere without you having to interfere.

How Should I Compose The Menu?

You may be tempted to make some of the most elaborate dishes, but it is better to choose something you have cooked many times in the past. Trying something new can be exciting, but you should never try it for a dinner party.

While you are planning your menu, make sure you have the right serving ware for the job. Some meats may require a special serving platter and the same applies for vegetables. Fortunately, you can rely on Spotlight's collection of serving ware to come to the rescue.

Contrary to popular belief, a menu for a dinner party does not need to cost loads of money. You can easily have a dinner party with more affordable foods. After all, the only thing that truly matters is the taste, not how expensive your ingredients were.

While you create a menu, you need to think about accompanying drinks too. Wine is the most popular option, but not everyone enjoys alcohol beverages. So, make sure you have some non-alcoholic alternatives - this may include some alcohol-free cocktails. There are plenty of recipes to be found. Simply do a little research beforehand and make sure all your guests' preferences are covered.

Please note that you can allow your guests to bring their own beverages. Some of your guests may have unique tastes. If they bring their own, it makes your job as the host a whole lot easier.

What Should I Do To Prepare For A Dinner Party?

We always recommend preparing for your dinner party, as this will make things run much smoother. For example, you can prep some of the ingredients beforehand, saving you time and allowing you more time to mingle with your guests.

Of course, food is not the only thing you need to prepare for your dinner party. To ensure the environment is pleasant for your guests, make sure that the essential rooms they will spend time in are clean and tidy.

How Do I Create The Right Atmosphere For A Dinner Party?

Some people choose elaborate themes for their dinner party and that is totally okay! Of course, it may be more difficult to think of something if you are new to dinner parties. Fortunately, there are some basics you can take care of to set the right tone.

One of the things that will always set the right mood is a selection of fresh flowers on the dinner table. In addition to that, you can also use some small candles to create some beautiful lighting around the dinner table that does not overpower the room.

To set the mood, you also need the right music. Don't just put on a radio station, as this can be quite distracting for guests trying to have a conversation, especially if the radio show includes interviews and the news. Instead, create a playlist of pleasant music beforehand. Make sure your playlist covers the entire night so that certain songs are not repeated all over again. Also, do not put the music too loud. Doing so might distract your guests and take away from any interesting conversations going on at the dinner table.

Getting Your Serving Dishes At Spotlight

Spotlight provides all the supplies you need for a successful dinner party. In this section, you will find an elaborate collection of serving dishes, all available at the most affordable prices. In addition to these serving dishes, you can also count on Spotlight for other dinner party supplies - this includes candles, centrepieces, table linens and so much more. If you want to save big but still impress your guests during a dinner party, simply head over to the rest of our catalogue to benefit from great deals.



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