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The Different Types Of Knives You Can Acquire For Your Kitchen

Knives come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can use them for anything from opening difficult packets to food preparation and meat cutting. Of course, each knife design has its specific function. Let us take a look at the different knives you can acquire for your kitchen and their intended purpose.

What Is The Purpose Of The Chef's Knife?

The chef's knife is known as the all-round knife for the kitchen. It is relatively large and can be used for most food preparation such as cutting and slicing vegetables. While most chef's knives do not have a serrated edge, some manufacturers are known for providing serrated versions to make them useable for even more applications.

Most chef's knives are relatively ling and have a blade that is tapered in the front. It usually has a sharp point and is specifically designed for fast cutting and slicing. However, please note that the biggest knives are not necessarily the best choice for you. If you have small hands, then you may find that the smaller chef's knives are easier and faster for you.

What Is The Purpose Of A Utility Knife?

Utility knives are characterised by a scalloped edge. This edge has a specific purpose, as it enables you to use the knife for many different things. Because of its versatility, the utility knife is often referred to as the mini chef's knife. So, you could use it to slice your favourite sandwich meats, but it will also do wonders on tomatoes, onion, and cucumbers.

What Is The Purpose Of A Boning Knife?

Contrary to some of the other knives mentioned here today, the boning knife is used for one specific purpose, to separate meat from the bone. It is often used to fillet fish as well or to cut up some meats.

Most boning knives are slimmer and smaller compared to the chef's knife. The blades can also vary by the manufacturer you purchase from. If you use a boning knife for the first time, it can take a little time to figure out which design suits your best.

What Is The Purpose Of The Bread Knife?

The name may already indicate the purpose of this type of knife. As you may have guessed, the bread knife is most often used to cut bread, but many people also used it for cutting meats and fish.

As the bread knife has a serrated edge, you must use a saw-like motion to cut effectively with this kind of knife. The size of the knife can also influence cutting precision. For larger slices of bread, you may have to use a bigger bread knife.

What Is The Purpose Of The Cleaver?

Compared to other knives mentioned here today, the cleaver may have the most unusual look. However, that unusual rectangular look does have a purpose. The knife has an overall heavier and blockier design to cut through harder ingredients more easily. Cleavers easily chop through bone and meat with one motion, so you will often find these at the butchers. Of course, if you tend to have meats that require chopping, you will find the cleaver particularly useful as well.

What Is The Purpose Of The Paring Knife?

Even though most people have seen a paring knife before, not many people know what this knife is actually used for. Unless you are a professional chef, it is likely that you have been using the paring knife for the wrong things for many years.

The paring knife is characterised by its short blade and a pointy tip. It is most useful to prepare garnishes, but you will also find it to be the best knife for peeling all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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