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Learn About The Benefits Of Essential Oils

If you are checking out this section, you are undoubtedly looking at ways to make your home smell more pleasant. Our range contains diffusers of various types, all suitable to diffuse your favourite essential oil. If you are uncertain about essential oils and their benefits, please read on to discover more.

What Is The Best Essential Oil To Deodorize Your Home?

While some people use essential oils for their health and mental benefits, other people simply use diffused essential oils to deodorize their home. There are some great choices out there, but these are some of the all-round favourites.

Lemon: A lemon essential oil is an outstanding choice to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. In fact, lemon smells are often associated with a clean and tidy home, as it is often used in cleaning products.

Sandalwood: Since sandalwood is often used as an ingredient in many fragrances, it is no surprise that essential oils made from sandalwood are extremely popular. It is the perfect deodorizer for people who prefer a more exotic scent.

Rose oil: Aside from exotic and fresh scents such as lemon and sandalwood, some people prefer a floral scent for their home. Of course, if you do not like the chemicals used in common commercial sprays and electrical scent plugs, you can diffuse some rose oil instead.

Tea tree: When you prefer a more natural scent inside your home, tea tree essential oil could be the one. It is characterised by a woody and earthen smell, which is quite popular to soothe babies to boot. Some people also find that diffusing tea tree oil inside their home has a real positive effect on their mood.

Ylang Ylang: Do you prefer a floral scent inside your home, but want something different than rose oil? If so, then you could consider some Ylang Ylang essential oil. It has quite the sweet smell, but it's also rich. In other words, this scent can combat a lot of unwanted smells inside the home.

Cinnamon oil: Some fragrances are associated with happy memories. Cinnamon is a prime example of such a fragrance, which is often associated with Christmas and the holidays. If you prefer sweet and spicier fragrances and wouldn't mind some Christmas atmosphere in your home throughout the year, some cinnamon essential oil will do the trick.

Jasmine oil: Many popular home fragrances contain jasmine oil. As mentioned previously, not everyone likes the chemicals used in modern home fragrances. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of jasmine oil, which can be diluted and diffused inside your home. Diffused jasmine oil has also shown to have a positive effect on restlessness and depression.

What Is the Best Essential Oil For Anxiety And Stress?

There are many essential oils you could use in your diffuser for anxiety and stress, as many have a calming effect on the mind. Of course, there is always one that is more popular than others for a specific purpose. In the case of anxiety and stress, lavender essential oil seems the most effective.

Many people use lavender essential oil for anxiety and stress related problems as well - this includes insomnia. So, if you prefer a natural remedy and have spoken to a medical professional, you can try some essential oil in your diffuser before you go to bed.

You can also obtain lavender teas these days that provide several benefits for digestion. Lavender tea can be beneficial for vomiting, nausea, gas, and stomach upsets.

What Essential Oil Is Best For More Energy?

Peppermint essential oil is the perfect choice for people who want more energy. This kind of oil has a relatively fresh fragrance, which could explain its energy-boosting effect when diffused.

Like lavender, there are many advantages to peppermint in general. The essential oil is often used in massages for the relief of muscle fatigue and spasms. It has also shown to have a positive effect on flatulence.

Some people also like to use peppermint essential oil in their bath water. While this is not supported by scientific evidence, some believe that adding peppermint oil to the bath can reduce tiredness and improve circulation.

What Kind Of Diffuser Do I Need?

There are many kinds of diffusers nowadays. Reed diffusers are mainly used for their fragrance benefits, while ultrasonic diffusers are more popular to obtain health-related benefits from essential oils. Of course, ultrasonic diffusers can also be used to diffuse a scent inside your home, but they are bulkier than reed diffusers.

While natural essential oils are a good choice for most households, they can be especially useful for people with a sensitivity to certain chemicals. People with asthma or anyone who easily gets a headache from chemicals will find essential oils extremely useful.



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