Track Gliders

These handy essentials are often necessary if you have opted for hanging your curtains using a curtain track. Whether you are looking for a whole set or replacement parts for gliders that have broken, then we have the track gliders for you amongst this collection. Shop the range now online through our safe and secure website or call into your local Spotlight store, where one of our team will be more than happy to help in any way that they can.

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Can I buy track gliders from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Stock up on spare gliders or replace your old ones, we have just about every Track Glider you could need, and we are confident that you will find the perfect track gliders for your curtains in this selection. Track gliders are a necessity and will clip onto the heading of your curtains so that they glide open and closed along the track. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the range, stock up on our essential curtain accessories at Spotlight.

How do I purchase track gliders from Spotlight?

To purchase from our range of track gliders, shop online now through our safe and secure website, and we will deliver right to your door. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. You can also shop our full range of curtain accessories at your local Spotlight store, where one of our team of friendly representatives will be more than happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

What is included in this range?

This range includes our selection of track gliders, with various sizes and types of gliders to choose from. These handy and affordable hooks and gliders will enable you to add or replace gliders without the need to purchase another track. There is a wide choice of gliders available, with a range of different sizes, thicknesses and widths. Most of our track gliders are made from white plastic, and they should not be seen after you have hung your curtain.

How often do I need to replace my track gliders?

You may need to replace your track gliders regularly, however, this does depend on the style of your curtain track and the weight of your curtains. Track gliders can get brittle due to exposure in the sunlight, and can easily get broken, plus, you may require extra track gliders due to your curtain or drapes being heavier. It is particularly important to ensure that your gliders are distributed evenly throughout your curtains. We recommend laying your curtain on a flat surface, counting how many gliders you have and place them with equal spacing on to the heading tape. Open and close your curtains with ease, and shop track gliders at Spotlight today.

What type of track gliders would be right for me?

Not all of our track gliders will fit every curtain track, and it is important that you choose the correct one for you. If you are replacing your track gliders, you could bring one of your old ones into your local Spotlight store to ensure a perfect match.

How many track gliders will I require?

Well, that does depend on the size, width and weight of the curtains that you are trying to hang. It is advised that you have around four track gliders per 30 cm of your curtain heading tape, and it is essential that you ensure that the weight of the curtains is distributed evenly. Place your curtains on a flat surface, then split the number of hooks that you have. Once you have figured out how many hooks you will have for each individual curtain, place them onto the heading tape at the same height.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We would like to remind customers that it is important to ensure that all gliders are removed before you put your curtains in the washing machine. Not only can gliders damage the curtains if left behind, but they can also damage the machine itself. Ensure a smoother way to draw your curtains and shop track gliders at Spotlight today.



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