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What Are The Different Types Of Looms I Can Use For Weaving?

Weaving is a popular craft these days. Even though weaving has been around for many centuries, it still remains one of the most practiced crafts today. Since weaving is extremely popular, it is no surprise that there are various looms with which you can weave these days. If you are not yet familiar with the different loom types, be sure to check out our detailed overview of loom types below.

What Is The Backstrap Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

This is one of the oldest loom designs in existence. It was used in ancient times for weaving and is still being used today. Evidently, some of these looms can be quite valuable and expensive, but there are some affordable versions.

When you work with a backstrap loom, you will tie the warp around a stationary roll. To keep your weave at the right tension, you will be using your own bodyweight. Therefore, this can be one of the more labour-intensive types of weaving.

Even though this is one of the older types of looms, there are still many reasons why you should try weaving with one of these. If you are an experienced weaver, you can create some amazing patterns in your weave with this kind of loom. So, if you have the chance to work with a backstrap loom as an experienced weaver, you should certainly take that opportunity.

What Is The Tapestry Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

One of the most basic types of loom is the tapestry loom. Also known under the name frame loom, the loom is characterised by its smaller frame size. However, despite its smaller frame, it can hold onto longer warp threads. You can also use the tapestry loom for the creation of sheds. That being said, please consider the smaller size of this loom if you intend on making a bigger project.

What Is The Inkle Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

The inkle loom is probably the odd one out in this overview of loom types, this because the inkle loom is predominantly used to weave smaller strips of fabric. So, while you cannot use this type of loom for massive projects, it is a suitable portable loom version that you can take with you to hobby class.

Even though the inkle loom is small and compact, it does not mean that this loom does not have applications for more experienced weavers. In fact, the ability to weave small strips of fabric enables more experienced weavers to create intricate patterns. If you are trying to create a project with quite an intricate weave pattern, then you will find an inkle loom remarkably useful.

What Is The Rigid Heddle Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

The rigid heddle loom is one of the larger looms in this overview, but still quite suitable for beginners. With a rigid heddle loom, you can easily create patterns as a beginner. Evidently, this also proves beneficial for experienced weavers, as hand manipulation of warp and weft are a possibility with the rigid heddle loom.

What Is A Table Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

If you are looking for a portable loom option other than the inkle loom, then you could consider the table loom. As the name suggest, this loom fits on a table and is quite portable.

Table looms usually have either four or eight shafts. However, there are some unique options that may include more than eight. The latter can be more expensive though, so you must consider the number of shafts in your estimated budget.

What Is The Floor Loom And What Are Its Benefits?

Floor looms are the biggest looms in this overview. If you have sufficient space in your home for a loom like this, then the benefits of this kind of loom are almost endless.

Considering the size of the floor loom, this type of loom is mostly used for weaving larger projects. With a loom like this, you can even create a rug for your home. On the downside, this type of loom can be bulky and cumbersome, so you do need a considerable amount of room for it.



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