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The Different Types Of Crochet Hooks Explained

Crochet is a traditional craft that has been around for a long time. So, if you are an avid crafter, it is likely you have some crochet hooks in your collection at home. Of course, there are different types of crochet hooks out there, which can make it a little complicated to determine which crochet hook you should be using. If you need some assistance deciding on a crochet hook for a project, be sure to check out our guide below.

When Should I Use Basic Crochet Hooks?

Crafters are likely to have a couple of these crochet hooks in their collection, as they are the most common in the world of crochet. They are also the recommended crochet hooks for beginners, as they tend to be quite easy to handle.

When it comes to basic crochet hooks, you can encounter them in a variety of sizes. Please note that sizes are not solely displayed in numbers on your crochet hook, as they can also contain a letter. The letter in question usually corresponds with a specific size of crochet hook, e.g. H is usually a crochet hook measuring 8.5 millimetres.

Most crochet hooks come in a size between H and J. The letters are arranged from smallest to largest. Therefore, a crochet hook with letter H would be smaller than one in the size J.

In addition to the different sizes you can encounter, do not forget you can encounter basic crochet hooks in different materials as well. Plastic and aluminium tend to be the most popular choices, but you can now obtain them in materials such as bamboo too. In some cases, you can even find crochet hooks made from glass.

If you are a beginner, it can be best to choose the basic aluminium for your first set of crochet hooks, as this material tends to be the easiest to work with. As for the size of your crochet hook, check the pattern of your project to ensure you have obtained the right size. If no size is provided, look for size G or H (recommended for worsted weight yarns).

When Should I Use Thread Crochet Hooks?

The name speaks for itself when it comes to this type of crochet hook. While most crafters will work with yarn for the majority of their crochet projects, there can be some instances where thread is used. For these projects, you need a crochet hook that can work a little more delicately. So, a thread crochet hook will be a lot smaller than the yarn crochet hook.

There are various materials that can be used to create a thread crochet hook. However, the most durable and recommended material is steel, as this kind of material is sturdy and gives you a strong base to work with.

When Should I Use An Ergonomic Crochet Hook?

There is such a thing as an ergonomic crochet hook. While we have listed them separately here, these types of hooks can fall under any of the other categories mentioned today.

As the name suggests, the ergonomic crochet hook is made for crafters who find working with a regular crochet needle too painful. The crochet hook has a larger handle, which makes it easier to grip and crochet in general. While it is not a hook that will be used by everyone, it is a good choice for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, who do not want to give up their favourite craft.

When Should I Use A Light-Up Crochet Hook?

Our final option in this overview is the light-up crochet hook. The light-up crochet hook is a relatively novelty crafting tool, as it lights up during your crochet activities. While it may seem rather pointless, it does have some advantages when it comes to working with delicate constructions. As the hook lights up, it becomes easier to insert the hook and check some of your delicate work as you go along.

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