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How Do I Organise My Craft Stickers In My Hobby Room?

Organising your craft stickers is always a good idea - this enables you to accumulate a large number of stickers and find them easily during your next project. There are various ways to organise your stickers, so let us take a closer look at the different methods you could use to keep your stickers as organised as possible.

What Equipment Do I Need To Keep My Stickers Organised?

Sticker organisation usually requires a minimum of supplies. To store your stickers, you could use a selection of containers or envelopes, whichever you prefer. We also suggest acquiring a label maker, as this helps to assign categories to each of the envelopes or containers.

How Do I Categorise My Stored Stickers?

One of the most difficult things about sticker organisation is determining how to categorise them. Evidently, not all categories work for everyone. Some crafters organise by theme, while others organise alphabetically. It all depends which you prefer.

Organising by theme - This is one of the most popular ways to organise your stickers. For example, if you have a lot of stickers that match the 'vacation' theme, then you can categorise them under that label. You could also choose categories such as travel, school, leisure, etc.

Organising by sticker manufacturer - If you have an incredibly collection of stickers, you could consider organising them by manufacturer. While this is the less popular way of organising things, it could be a beneficial one if you use a particular sticker manufacturer for particular projects.

Organising by size or type - Stickers come in various sizes and types these days, so you could organise them according to size and type as well. Evidently, this can make it more difficult to find certain themed stickers quickly.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Popular Sticker Storage Methods?

Below, we have listed some of the most popular sticker storage methods, including their advantages and disadvantages. So, if you cannot decide on a certain method, why not check out the overview below.

The pocket folder method - This method requires very little setup and is quite affordable. It is also a method that you can easily transport, so if you need stickers at your local hobby club, you can easily take them with you. This type of storage method also caters to stickers of various shapes and sizes.

While this method can be beneficial for many reasons, its disadvantage is that it can become cluttered quickly. There is also a limitation as to how much you can store, so if you expect quite an expansive collection, then this method might not be the best option.

The photo album method - Much like the pocket folder, the photo album gives you a travel-friendly storage method. It is also affordable, and it enables you to keep your stickers in a pristine condition.

One of the downsides to the photo album is that it does not cater to stickers of a larger size. You also need to cut your sticker sheets to make them fit the album. The number of sheets an album can hold is also limited, so you might need more than one album for proper storage.

The binder method - Binders are quite popular among those with a large supply of stickers. Not only do binders enable you to store stickers of all shapes and sizes, they provide you with a quick overview of all the stickers you have.

On the flipside, the binder method can be more of an investment compared to the other methods described here today. You might also need more than one ring binder to get all your stickers stored.

The cardstock method - If you are looking for a better overview of your stickers, you can also use the cardstock method. In addition to providing an overview of all your stickers, it is also easy to add new stickers to your cardstock system and there is really no limit to how many stickers it can hold.

Much like the binder method, the cardstock method can require a little more of an investment compared to other methods. The cardstock method is also not as portable as some of the other methods, but it is more than suitable for an expansive sticker collection in your hobby room.



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