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What Are The Basic Florist Tools?

If you have a keen interest in floristry, you may have to get certain supplies to get started. Below, we have listed some common florist tools that may prove useful, so be sure to add them to your collection.

What Is The First Florist Tool I Need?

Have you ever tried to cut flower stems with a regular pair of scissors? If you have, you undoubtedly know that it is next to impossible to cut them properly with some general-purpose scissors. Therefore, one of the tools you will require is a good pair of florist scissors.

A good pair of florist scissors will have a serrated edge, this makes it easier to cut flower stems, but also foliage and floristry wires you may be using. Of course, it is always advised to keep this pair of scissors in good condition, as improper use can cause them to become less sharp over time.

What Is The Second Florist Tool I Need?

Another florist tool you cannot go without is a thorn stripper. As the name suggests, this tool is used to remove thorns from flower stems and foliage. Since it is likely you will encounter thorns during your projects, this is a tool you cannot go without.

Thorn strippers are available in all shapes and sizes these days. You also have dedicated left-handed or right-handed thorn strippers. There are also universal thorn strippers, which allow use for both left-handed and right-handed florists.

What Is The Third Florist Tool I Need?

A stem ripper can be another useful tool for anyone interested in floristry. At first glance, the tool does not look like much, as it resembles a tube with some handles on the side. However, a decent stem stripper can help you to remove leaves, foliage, and thorns easily.

What Is The Fourth Florist Tool I Need?

Once you start creating your own floral arrangements and centrepieces, you will be working with a lot of floristry ribbon. To ensure the ribbon in question creates the right effect, you will require a so-called ribbon shredder.

The ribbon shredder can curl and shred ribbon, this causes the ribbon to have a bouncing effect on the floral arrangement or the centrepiece. Because of the effect they create, ribbon shredders are not only used for floristry, as other crafts could benefit from a ribbon shredder too.

What Is The Fifth Florist Tool I Need?

Another useful tool for many florists is a floral foam brick or block. A floral foam block will provide the foundation for many of your floral arrangements and centrepieces.

We must mention that not all floral foam blocks are made the same. If you are working with real flowers and plants, always look for the foam blocks that extend the lifespan of those flowers. The basic foam blocks you find in stores are only suitable for artificial flowers, as they do not add to the lifespan of flowers.

What Is The Sixth Florist Tool I Need?

Not everyone uses one, yet a glue gun is something to consider if you intend to create centrepieces and floral constructions. Glue guns are relatively affordable these days and can be implemented for a variety of crafts.

In addition to the glue gun, there are other crafting tools that could aid with the construction of your centrepieces and floral arrangements. Good examples of such tools include wire cutters, a Styrofoam cutter, snips, and more.

How Do I Choose The Right Supplies For My First Project?

When you take on a floristry project for the first time, it is often recommended to look for an idea with detailed instructions online. By doing so, you will get most of the essentials you need for floristry, as well as learning some basic techniques you can build on.

If you already have some inspiration for your floristry project, you can also check out the floristry supplies catalogue available at Spotlight. In this catalogue, you can find countless popular supplies for floristry projects.

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