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Shop ribbons and bows for every occasion with our delightful range of craft ribbons at Spotlight. With ribbons in various widths, materials, and just about every colour imaginable, we are sure to find the perfect one for you in this selection. Make decorations for the home, ornaments for that festive time of year, express yourself with creative gift wrapping, and add to clothes and textile projects, or anything else! Add the perfect finishing touch and shop the ultimate assortment of craft ribbons online or instore today.

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Which Craft Ribbon Is Best For My Project?

A variety of crafts include ribbons, this includes floristry, hair accessories, and more. Of course, since ribbons are used a lot in crafting, you can encounter them in various shapes, sizes, and materials. To help you get familiar with our range of ribbons and how to use them, please read the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Is Craft Curling Ribbon?

Craft curling ribbon is one of the most common types of ribbons around. You can find this ribbon in most stores as well, as it is often used for gift-wrapping purposes.

Due to the flexibility and versatility of craft curling ribbons, there are more applications for this kind of ribbon, this includes creating hair accessories. You can even implement them in children's crafting projects.

What Is Satin Ribbon?

As the name suggests, satin ribbon is made from a satin material. Due to the use of satin in the ribbon, you can expect this ribbon to have a lovely shine. Naturally, this makes satin ribbon look incredibly luxurious.

Since satin ribbon is used a lot by crafters, it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also get satin ribbon with a texture if you want to make your project really pop.

What Is Organza Ribbon?

Organza ribbon is one of the most elegant types of ribbons in existence. Because of its elegance, its use is usually limited to wedding crafts.

Most organza ribbons will be made from a specific kind of fabric. In most cases, this fabric will also have a sheer look, which makes it look even more lustrous and elegant.

Organza ribbon is a popular choice for wedding centrepieces and bouquets. However, if you have some organza ribbon laying around, you can use it to create some beautiful Christmas wreaths too.

What Is Tulle Ribbon?

Tulle ribbon can be one of the ribbons that is more difficult to work with, this considering the fact that tulle ribbon has somewhat of a net-like texture. Despite it being difficult to craft with, many crafters will use this ribbon for applications such as gift wrapping, veils, and other unique projects.

What Is Velvet Ribbon?

Velvet ribbon is a luxurious ribbon made from velvet fabric fibres. As a result, velvet ribbon is characterised by its softness, making it suitable as a decorative ribbon for the holidays, Valentine's Day or other special occasions.

What Is Mesh Ribbon?

Mesh ribbon can be made from a variety of materials and has a mesh-like appearance overall. While it is rarely used on its own, mesh ribbon can be brilliant for some decorative accents for various crafting projects.

What Is Grosgrain Ribbon?

Grosgrain ribbon is another popular type of craft ribbon. The unique thing about this type of ribbon is its texture, since grosgrain ribbon will always have some ribbed detailing.

Most crafters will use grosgrain ribbon to add a little more texture to their crafting projects, this may include a hair accessory and even jewellery.

What Is Burlap Ribbon?

As the name suggests, burlap ribbon is made from a burlap material. Despite its traditional look, burlap ribbon is incredibly trendy these days, so it is certainly one of the bestsellers on Spotlight.

Crafters should use burlap ribbon when they want to achieve a natural or neutral look. They are often used in floristry for floral arrangements, but also as a gift ribbon during the holidays. In short, crafters should always have some burlap ribbon in their home.

How Do I Find The Right Ribbon For My Project?

Most crafts have their own dedicated ribbon, this includes floristry, gift-wrapping and other things you need a ribbon for. As such, you can easily find the right kind of ribbon by visiting the appropriate craft section at Spotlight.

Naturally, you can also look at our range of ribbons as a whole and obtain a combination of ribbons to see which kind of ribbon works best for your project. Since we offer the best prices on ribbons, you can get an amazing deal when you get a combination of ribbons from our website.

Do you have some questions about the selection of ribbons at Spotlight? Or do you need some assistance finding the right kind of ribbon? Feel free to get in touch today.



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