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Using Spray Adhesives In Crafts

Every crafter has a few cans of spray adhesive laying around, as they are so useful! From paper to wood and fabric, there is always an application to be found for your collection of spray adhesives.

Are you browsing our collection for your first can of spray adhesive and could you use some additional info on how to use it? Be sure to read through Spotlight's handy spray adhesive guide.

What Is A Spray Adhesive?

A spray adhesive is a type of glue that is contained in a spray can. Do not be fooled by its format though, because spray adhesives can be some of the strongest glues around. As such, you should always read the instructions before you start using it for any project.

When it comes to spray adhesives, you will find them in lots of different strengths. Some spray adhesives are so strong they can even glue metal. So, check the product description to ensure you have the right spray adhesive for the project you are making.

What Is Spray Adhesive Used For?

It would be a shorter list telling you what spray adhesive is not used for. It is extremely popular for arts and crafts, but the stronger spray adhesives are even used to fix furniture and the interior of your car. In other words, there is an endless number of applications for the average and not-so-average spray adhesive.

Do I Need To Prepare My Crafting Area Before I Use Spray Adhesive?

No matter which spray adhesive you have, you should always prepare your crafting area before you start using a spray adhesive. As spray adhesive is contained in a can, you will be spraying the glue onto a surface. This also means that some of the fumes will remain in your crafting area if you do not make sure the area is ventilated properly.

Before you start working with spray adhesive, always open a window or ensure proper ventilation in another manner. Spotlight also recommends protecting your furniture with an appropriate cover or plastic sheet. If you do not own these items, you can also obtain them from Spotlight at an affordable price.

Finally, make sure your hands are protected as well. Even though it is unlikely that the glue will end up on your hands, accidents do happen. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear latex or nitrile gloves. Do not use gloves made from nylon or cotton, as these will not provide ample protection against the adhesive.

Do I Need To Prepare The Surface Before Applying Spray Adhesive?

Even though spray adhesive forms an incredibly strong bond as soon as it is applied, it does not mean that the adhesive cannot be influenced by other elements. In fact, common things like dust and debris could reduce the strength of the bond between your crafting materials. It is therefore advised to prepare your work surface before applying any spray adhesive.

For the spray adhesive to work properly, your crafting surface must not contain any oils, dirt, dust, paint, or wax. If you should notice any impurities on the crafting surface, make sure you wipe them away or remove them through another method before using your adhesive.

How Do I Make Sure The Spray Adhesive Works Permanently?

Those who have worked with spray adhesive before will tell you that the thickness of the layer you apply influences the overall performance of the adhesive. While this does not mean you should always apply the thickest layer possible, it does mean you should carefully consider how much adhesive you spray onto a surface.

If you only want your crafting materials to stick temporarily, a very light coating of spray adhesive should do the trick. For permanent fixing, you will need a medium to a heavy coating of the spray adhesive.

Once your spray adhesive is applied, press both surfaces together in a firm manner. Adding pressure activates the adhesive and ensures the bond between the surfaces will not break that easily.

Most spray adhesives dry quickly, and this is something to consider when you are using it in crafting. For most crafting surfaces, the adhesive is completely fixed in as little as ten minutes. Of course, these are general guidelines and you should always check the instructions from the manufacturer to obtain the best results.

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