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At Spotlight, we have hundreds of paints available in just about every colour imaginable, and we are confident that you will find the perfect paint for your project right here. This selection includes our speciality paints, which have all been purposely designed for a particular craft. For example, check out our huge variety of fabric paints, customise your clothing, express your personality and wear your creativity with this awesome collection. Whatever your painting needs, we have got you covered. Discover our speciality paints at Spotlight now for great value deals.

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The Ultimate Guide To Fabric Painting

Fabric paint is one of the specialist paints available at Spotlight. Aside from oil paints and acrylic paints, fabric paints are counted among the bestsellers. Of course, if you have never worked with fabric paint before, this entire process may seem a little daunting. If you are curious about the use of fabric paint, be sure to read on.

What Equipment Do I Need To Paint On Fabric?

There are a number of things you will need for fabric painting. Below, we have listed these essentials. Please note that all these supplies are also available at Spotlight.

Fabric paint - When you want to paint fabrics, this is undoubtedly the most important thing you need. At Spotlight, you can find a variety of fabric paints, this ranges from the basics to bolder colours.

Fabric markers - You can use fabric paint to dye your fabrics, but you can use dedicated fabric markers too. The benefit of these markers is that they usually create a much bolder effect than fabric paints.

Fabric brush - A dedicated brush can be used to apply fabric paint to the fabric you are trying to give a different colour. Of course, you are not limited to fabric brushes, as you can also use rollers, stamps, and even a washing machine.

How Do I Apply Three-Dimensional Paint On Fabrics?

This is a popular method to add colour to any fabric and the method is relatively simple. First, choose your preferred dye. Then add some paper between the various layers of fabric (if applicable), this will prevent some of the dye from bleeding through on the other layer. You can apply the paint with your preferred brush or directly from the paint tube.

Once you have applied the paint, it is advised to leave it to dry. Most types of fabric paint need to be left to dry for at least twelve hours. Once the paint is dry, you usually have to iron your fabric as well.

Which Fabrics Are Recommended For Fabric Painting?

Certain fabrics are more suitable than others for fabric painting. For most painting projects, we recommend a natural fabric fibre such as cotton. You can also use a natural fabric fibre and synthetic fibre combination.

Before you start dyeing your fabric, it is recommended to wash your desired fabric first. Remember, new fabrics need to be washed first to prevent shrinkage. However, when you wash your fabric, never use any fabric softener. If you use fabric softener, the fabric can be resistant to the painting process.

How Do I Alter Fabric Paint To Create A Watercolour Effect?

Some people prefer the watercolour effect on their fabrics. Evidently, this effect cannot be achieved without manipulating your paint beforehand.

To create that watercolour effect you love, you must dilute your fabric paint first. Add your paint to a cup and add water until the mixture has the thickness of ink. Then, add some water to a spray bottle and spray your fabric after you have applied your paint, this will allow the paint to bleed somewhat. However, you should always have a hair dryer on hand if the bleeding effect becomes a little too much.

How Do I Create Texture With Fabric Paints?

Creating texture with a fabric paint may seem next to impossible, but there is a simple way to do it. First, apply the paint on your desired fabric. Then, use a plastic comb to brush the applied paint in the same direction, this will create the illusion of depth and variation.

When you create texture with the comb, always be careful of any other colours that surround your texture, this to prevent colours mixing. Of course, if you are going for an effect such as this, then comb away!

Benefit From Our Extensive Range Of Specialty Paints

At Spotlight, customers can find a large range of specialty paints. In this catalogue, you can find fabric paints, but also other specialty paints such as throwable paintballs, shimmer paints, fluorescent paints, transparent paints and more.

In addition to our range of specialty paints, you can also count on oil paints, acrylic paints, and other supplies for artists. Check out the catalogue today for a complete overview.



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