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What Things Do I Need For Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is a fun hobby that enables you to make some amazing cards, invitations, and other related projects. If you want to get started with calligraphy, you will need the appropriate supplies. If you do not know which supplies you will need for calligraphy, be sure to read the information below.

What Is The First Thing I Need For Calligraphy?

One of the first things you will need for calligraphy is a decent calligraphy pen. A good calligraphy pen will consist of the holder and the nib, the latter is the tip of the pen that will determine the styles you can create.

Some calligraphy pens are accompanied by several nibs to start, this ranges from the larger nibs that can produce bigger lines to smaller nibs that allow for more detail.

Please note that calligraphy pens usually have an ink cartridge. If you obtain one without an ink cartridge, you have obtained a so-called dip pen. If you prefer to do calligraphy with a dip pen, you will need to obtain a separate supply of ink for your projects.

What Is The Second Thing I Need For Calligraphy?

Even though not all calligraphers use one, a felt tip pen can also be an option for your calligraphy projects. Calligraphy felt tip pens will not require separate ink or a cartridge.

One of the major benefits of a felt tip pen is that it is relatively easy to use. So, if you are a beginner, such a pen could be the best way to start. You can also acquire these pens in variety of colours and sizes, enabling you to get used to working with different lines and shapes.

What Is The Third Thing I Need For Calligraphy?

When you think of calligraphy ink, you are probably thinking about the basic dark blue ink. The dark blue ink will be a staple in your calligraphy collection, so this is something you undoubtedly have to obtain when you start on calligraphy projects.

Of course, calligraphy inks are no longer limited to the usual dark blue. In fact, you can get all kinds of colours these days, going from bright yellow to orange and green. Once you become more proficient at calligraphy and want to try some new combinations, you should certainly add some of these additional inks to your personal collection.

What Is The Fourth Thing I Need For Calligraphy?

Any calligrapher needs a nice selection of graph paper for their craft too. Ideally, beginners want to obtain some paper with lines, which makes it easier to practice your calligraphy skills in the beginning.

There are some dedicated sketchbooks that are made with calligraphy in mind too. If you prefer a book over some separate paper, this could also be a good product to start with.

In addition to sketchbooks and calligraphy paper, you can also acquire some dedicated calligraphy books. Beginners will always need a book like this, since there are a lot of skills you need to master.

There are additional ways to hone your skills as a beginner. There are some calligraphy workshops available that can teach you the basics as well as some more advanced skills. So, before you tackle an actual project, you may benefit from attending a calligraphy class.

What Is The Fifth Thing I Need For Calligraphy?

Are you practicing calligraphy on paper that does not contain any lines? If so, you may have to include some subtle lines yourself, this can be done with a simple ruler and a pencil. Therefore, you must obtain these basics for your calligraphy projects too.

In addition to a pencil and a ruler, you should also obtain a good eraser for your calligraphy projects. Once you have completed your calligraphy, you can use the eraser to remove the lines.

What Calligraphy Supplies Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has everything you need for calligraphy. We provide calligraphy sets, but also individual supplies such as calligraphy pens, paper, pencils, rulers, paper pads, and a lot more. To get a full overview of all the calligraphy supplies we provide, please head over to the drawing and calligraphy catalogue at Spotlight. We are sure you will find some amazing deals!



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