Hypo Allergenic

Combat allergies while you sleep with our awesome range of hypoallergenic bedding available at Spotlight. Ideal for anyone with allergies or rhinitis, they have been specially treated to prevent irritants from affecting your slumber. Whether you are looking for pillows, with a range of sizes and types available, duvets, underlays or toppers, you are sure to find the hypoallergenic version for you amongst this collection.

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Can I purchase hypoallergenic from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a wide array of hypoallergenic bedding that will keep you warm whilst preventing the build-up of dust mites and other nasty allergens. Choose from our exceptional range of hypoallergenic pillows, duvets and protectors, and get a great night's sleep wrapped up in these fabulous choices. With such a wide selection available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the entire range, shop hypoallergenic online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

Using hypoallergenic sheets, duvets and pillows are a particularly important choice for allergy and asthma sufferers, and these products can help to reduce the chances of dust mites aggravating the condition further. Our hypoallergenic range includes pillows of all shapes and sizes, duvets, covers, and other sleep solutions that have been created to be impenetrable to dust mites. Whether you are shopping for pillows, of various shapes and sizes, duvets, protectors, or any other type of bedding, we are sure to have the anti-allergy or hypoallergenic option for you at Spotlight.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

Over a third of our life is spent sleeping, and there is nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in bed and stealing a few extra hours sleep. It is definitely one of our favourite places to be! Unfortunately, allergens such as dust mites, mould, and other such nasties can build up and thrive inside your sleep haven, which can put you at risk of a number of health issues and exacerbate any existing allergies. Hypoallergenic refers to bedding that works to eliminate dust mites and bugs by being made from tightly woven fabric that has tiny pores. This means that the pillow, duvet or mattress protector becomes impenetrable to those bedtime bugs and can minimise or even prevent them from affecting your sleep.

What else can I do?

Combat allergies throughout the night with our superb selection of hypoallergenic bedding at Spotlight, it has been designed to minimise the impact of allergens and will undoubtedly help. However, there are a few other things that you can do to achieve allergy-free sleep. Autumn and winter can also be one of the worst periods of the year for dust mite allergy sufferers, as we do not open our windows quite as often during this time.

Try and air the room regularly or invest in a good quality air purifier. However, if you have allergies to pollen or any outdoor sources, it may be wise to keep your windows closed. Vacuum your bedroom regularly as well as the mattress itself. The mattress can be a big harbinger of dust mites, which is why we recommend our fabulous hypoallergenic mattress covers which will prevent these from affecting you. It is important to eliminate any clutter and keep soft toys, blankets and cushions to a minimum. If your child cannot sleep without a particular teddy or two, then clean them regularly and place them in the freezer on occasion to kill any dust mites. Finally, periodically clean your mattress, wash sheets frequently and vacuum and flip your mattress at least once a month.

How should I wash my new hypoallergenic pillow?

Most of our hypoallergenic pillows are machine washable, however, we do recommend that you check the care instructions that come with your product before you begin. Pillows should be washed at least 60 degrees to ensure that any house dust mites or bacteria are completely eradicated. Do not tumble dry your new pillow, and instead allow to air dry flat. You may need to reshape the inner filling before it dries. Finally, always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals and abrasive solutions.



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