At Spotlight, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of high quality bathroom linen that are soft and cosy. Discover the wide range of colours now!

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Can I buy towels from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Wrap up and get dry with our extensive range of super soft and absorbent towels at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for the finest cotton towels made from 100% cotton, bright beach towels for lazing by the sea or the pool, guest towels, hand towels, face washers, or anything else, we are sure to have the towel for you in this selection. This range includes a wide assortment of towels, all of which have been designed to provide maximum softness and durability, and are available in a rainbow of colours and designs. With towels to suit every style and budget, plus our guaranteed low prices across the entire collection, discover our terrific towels range at Spotlight.

What size of towel do I need?

At Spotlight, there are tons of different types of towels available, so check out our handy guide below to figure out which of these colourful options would be the best choice for you.

Face washer: 30cm x 30cm

Hand towel: 40cm x 60cm

Bath towel: 70cm x 140 cm

Bath sheet: 80cm x 160 cm.

Beach Towels and hooded kids towels: Sizes vary

What do I need to consider when choosing towels?

The towels that you choose will depend on the ones that you like the most. Whether you are looking for a bright and funky beach towel or a luxurious cotton guest towel to complement your bathroom decor, pick the towel that you love the most. We have a rainbow of colours and lots of different styles and designs available. When you see the towel pile, this refers to the number of loops on the towel itself, which in turn will determine your new towel's absorbency. Whereas, if you see GSM when you are shopping for towels, this refers to the weight and stands for grams per square metre. The higher the GSM, the heavier and more absorbent and thicker the towel will be.

It is also important to think about the material of your new towels, we have a variety of different options to choose from. Polyester is lightweight and quick drying yet towels that are 100% cotton are super-absorbent and will dry quickly. We also have microfiber towels in this collection - these lightweight options are perfect for taking to the gym, relaxing at the pool, or just for getting dry after your bath or shower.

How should I wash my new towels?

Well, that does depend on which of these products you have chosen, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you read the manufacturer's care instructions thoroughly before you begin. Taking good care of your towels will increase their longevity and keep them at their best for longer. We recommend washing your towels before you use them to prevent colours from running or bleeding. Shake towels before and after you wash them. This opens the fibres of the towels, this allows the detergent to sink in thoroughly and can also help the tin to dry quicker. Avoid the use of any fabric conditioner or softener when you are washing your towels, as this oil-based product can negatively affect their absorbency. Always make sure that dark or bright colours are washed separately and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions, such as chlorine and bleach.



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