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Keep your toiletries and accessories tidy and organised with our extensive range of shelves, hooks and rails. They are durable, versatile and easy to install, so you can have everything that you require at hand. Our shelves, hooks and rails provide versatile ways to store all of your bathroom essentials and will suit any bathroom size. If you are looking for ways to organise your bathroom, then you are sure to find the ideal storage solution amongst this collection.

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Can I purchase shelves, hooks and rails at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Here at Spotlight, we have an extensive range of storage solutions to help you achieve a tidy and minimalistic looking bathroom. Our range of shelves, hooks and rails are easy to install and the perfect solution to reduce clutter.

Where can I use the shelves, hooks and rails?

As well as in bathrooms, these storage solutions can also be used in kitchens, bedrooms, utility rooms and other areas of the home. For instance, you can add extra hanging space for your towels and clothes in your bathroom or on the back of your bedroom door. Or store toiletries and other bathroom products on handy easy to install shelving units. With everything from instant over door hooks to specialist items such as hair dryer holders, you will find everything you need for a smart and tidy bathroom here at Spotlight.

What are the items in this range made from?

You can choose from a selection of chrome and plastic items and some which use multiple materials. All surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, and important issue for areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and cloakrooms. Some items are freestanding, and others can be wall mounted or fixed with suction cups to tiled walls or shower cubicles. Black, white and chrome colours are included in the range.

What else is included in the range?

If you are short of cupboard space, take a look at the shelf organisers and shelf stands available here at Spotlight. These clever gadgets add extra space for storing small items, as well as allowing you a better view of the contents of your cupboards in the case of the stepped shelf organiser. Ideal for use in bathrooms for toiletries and beauty products, but also in kitchen cupboards for tinned foods, spices and more.

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom storage items too?

Yes, you can find a large selection of bathroom storage items here at Spotlight, from shower caddies to laundry hampers. Also available are bathroom accessories including mirrors, shower curtains, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, toothbrush holders, tumblers, canisters, soap dishes and soap dispensers. Check out the range today to find stylish and practical items to transform you bathroom space.



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