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Is it tricky to stand in the shower due to the slippery surface? Spotlight's non slip bath mats are here to help! Shop shower mats & bath runners now!

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Can I purchase shower mats and runners from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a fabulous selection of shower mats and runners, with a range of styles, colours and designs available. We are confident that you will find the one to match your bathroom decor amongst this collection. Our shower mats and runners are safe and durable, they can be repositioned as necessary, and will always offer extra grip. Combine safety and style, and give yourself extra peace of mind, by shopping top quality shower mats and runner, at our unbelievably low prices, online or at your local Spotlight store.

What is included in this range?

Inject colour and style and revitalise your bathroom with our superb selection of shower mats and runners at Spotlight. We have a variety of different shower mats and runner available, in various colours and designs. Plus, these can be reshaped and repositioned as you wish. Ideal for adding to the bottom of your bath or shower cubicle to provide that extra grip, these versatile mats and runners will help to ensure that you do not slip whilst you are getting clean. Choose from our selection of shower mats and runners, for shower flooring that offers excellent performance and durability, and will give you peace of mind for longer.

What are the benefits of using a shower mat or runner?

Discover our delightful section of shower mats and runner for no more slips and trips as you shower. These fabulous mats and runners will help to ensure that you can keep your footing. Providing extra grip beneath your feet, the nonslip surface is essential for anyone at risk of falling. Simply, place the mat in your shower or your bath before you turn the water on. It is also recommended that you remove the mat after your bath or shower and hang it to dry. This will help to prevent the build-up of any mould or mildew. Alternatively, If you are looking for the perfect bath mat for keeping your feet toasty after your bath or shower, then check out the vast selection of colourful and fluffy options that we have available at Spotlight.

How should I wash my new shower mat or runner?

Care may differ between our shower mats and runners, and we always recommend that you check the manufacturer's instructions before you begin. Some of our shower mats and runners may be machine washable, but if not then it is advised that you hand wash it. Allow to soak in the bath with laundry detergent or powder, before cleaning with a sponge or cloth, ensuring that your press into the mat, so it is cleaned thoroughly. If you are concerned about bacteria building up, you could also use a small nail brush, dishwasher brush, or toothbrush to make sure that every area of the mat is clean. When you are choosing your purchase, it is important to consider drainage, with poor drainage resulting in the mat accumulating water, as well as how easy the mat is to clean. After you have finished your shower or bath, it is advised that you hang your mat or runner to dry to prevent mildew or mould from forming. It is also important to note that care should be taken to avoid the use of any oils or moisturising products near your bath mat as this may impair the effectiveness of its non-slip properties.



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