Artificial Flowers

Create an eye-catching display that will last throughout the year with our fabulous selection of artificial flowers. Ideal for so many different projects, they are realistic and life-like, with hundreds of different flowers and foliage to choose from. Whether you are making a statement floral arrangement for your home or looking for flowers to embellish your crafty creation, we are confident that you will find the perfect pick amongst this collection. Plus, our fabulous artificial flowers are available now with bargains galore across the range.

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How To Incorporate Spotlight's Artificial Flowers Inside Your Home?

Spotlight provides a beautiful collection of artificial flowers, which are often used in crafting projects or simple floral arrangements inside the home. If you are new to artificial flowers, be sure to read through our online guide, which gives you countless tips and hints on how to get the most from your artificial flower purchase.

What Is The First Crafting Project I Can Create With Artificial Flowers?

One of the most popular applications for artificial flowers is an artificial flower bouquet. The benefit of such a bouquet is that they do not wilt and always look nice and fresh, so why not try making one yourself for your home.

Since artificial flowers do not require sunlight, you can place them anywhere in your home, this includes any room where there is little natural sunlight. You can place them in the kitchen, the living room, and even your bedroom.

To create a bouquet, you will need a variety of different artificial flowers to get the best result. Ideally, you want to obtain some artificial versions of your favourite flower, complemented by some artificial leaves to make the entire thing more realistic.

What Is The Second Crafting Project I Can Create With Artificial Flowers?

Do you often make Christmas wreaths from genuine flowers and pinecones, but do you find that your wreath does not last as long? If so, you can create a more permanent version of the Christmas wreath by taking advantage of our artificial flower range.

Silk flowers can look beautiful on an artificial wreath, so this is certainly a recommendation if you are considering making such a project. You should also obtain some artificial greenery, which makes the entire project look more realistic. To finish, try to incorporate some Christmas decorations as well. It all depends on your preferred look.

What Is The Third Crafting Project I Can Create With Artificial Flowers?

You do not necessarily have to be a serious crafter to reap the benefit of our range of artificial flowers. If you love a minimalist style, you can obtain some of our long-stemmed artificial flowers and place them in a streamlined vase.

When you do not have a vase, or simply do not like the traditional vase look, you can consider some other containers for your artificial flowers as well. A stunning wine bottle can do much for the presentation of an artificial flower. You could also create your own containers and vases to make the presentation even better.

What Is The Fourth Crafting Project I Can Create With Artificial Flowers?

Those who like an ambience of tranquillity inside their home could consider a nice rock garden with some artificial flowers. The overall execution of this project is relatively easy, but the placement of each individual item does take some consideration.

If you intend to create an artificial rock garden outside the home, be sure to consider the weather elements. While your artificial flowers and plants will not require any special care or pruning, some of the artificial flowers and plants may not be resistant against UV-light and other weather conditions. Therefore, be sure to check the specifications on your artificial plants before you use them outside.

What Is The Fifth Crafting Project I Can Create With Artificial Flowers?

The final recommendation we want to put forward is the creation of a centrepiece. Many people create centrepieces with fresh flowers and similar items, only to find that their centrepiece has lost a little lustre by the time their guests arrive. Fresh centrepieces have to be thrown shortly after use as well, so making an artificial version can stand the test of time and be reused for years to come.

Which Artificial Flowers And Plants Are Available From Spotlight?

Spotlight has a stunning collection of artificial flowers, plants, and greenery. Naturally, this ensures you have everything you need for an artificial flower or plant project. Inside our catalogue, you can find artificial moss, peonies, ferns, eucalyptus, wild roses, and loads more.

In addition to artificial plants and flowers, you can also count on Spotlight for the additional supplies you will require for your crafting project, this may include glue and other accessories. Check out the catalogue today to find everything you need for a great price.



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