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Are you looking for something to keep your kids active & occupied in the holidays? Shop Spotlight's arts sets & kits for an interesting kids gift now!

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Can I purchase kids art kits at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Kids art kits are an ideal way to get your kids involved in creative activities. There are kits for kids of all ages, from simple sticker books with their favourite cartoon characters for the little ones, to complete art kits that will be enjoyed by older kids and teens. Smaller items include sets of special pens, chalk and pencils which you can combine with some coloured paper or sketch books to make a wonderful gift.

Are these markers safe for use by children?

Yes, all our crayons and markers are specially selected to be used by children. Check out larger size crayons and markers which are easier to hold for little fingers and check individual product descriptions for details and recommendations. Crayola's washable ink is specially formulated to wash off machine washable clothing. It also washes off walls, carpet and furniture with warm water and a sponge, which is good to know if your little one gets bored with using paper or cardboard!

Can any of these be used outside?

Yes, check out the collection of large pieces of chalk, specially designed to draw artistic pictures or old-fashioned hop-scotch squares on your pavement or back yard. Do your kids know how to play hop-scotch? Check online for pictures of diagrams and rules for hop-scotch - it is a great way for kids to keep fit and enjoy spending time outdoors.

What else is included in the range of kids art kits?

If you are looking for a creative gift, take a look at the Crayola Cars 3 Racetrack Creativity Set complete with 64 Crayons, 9 Twistable Crayons, 38 Washable Pip Squeak Skinnie Markers, and 15 Colouring Pages, or the Crayola Despicable Me 3 Art Case with 64 Crayons, 12 short coloured Pencils, 34 Washable Markers, and 20 sheets of Paper. Featuring popular cartoon characters, these kits will be enjoyed by kids and young teens alike.

Does Spotlight sell other kids kits too?

Yes, as well as these great art kits for kids, why not check out our kids activity kits too? With many objects to make, decorate, or play with, these will also provide great ways to keep your kids entertained alone or with friends. Don't forget that these kits are just a small part of our huge collection of kids craft supplies, so check out the whole range today to see what is on offer here at Spotlight!



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