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Busy, young minds need age-appropriate craft kits to keep them out of trouble and encourage them to learn and do more.

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Different types of craft kits for kids

Just like bigger people, not all kids enjoy the same kinds of activities - and that goes for crafting too. To cater for the individual tastes of children, you'll find a selection of different DIY craft kits for kids that come at low prices, so you can afford to experiment a little and see what fits for your child.

Kids activity kits

Activity kits for kids range from toolkits purpose-created for the littler tradespeople around the house to creating glow-in-the-dark terrariums, catching dreams, turning rocks into decorator pieces and building your own volcano. The types of activity kits are as broad and varied as the children they're designed to entertain, while simultaneously developing their skills in dexterity, patience and problem-solving.

Kids art sets

Art sets for kids are guaranteed to provide hours of fun. There are kits for kids of all ages, from simple sticker books with cartoon favourites characters for the little ones to complete art kits that can be enjoyed by older kids and teens. Smaller items - including sets of special pens, chalk and pencils - can be combined with some coloured paper or sketchbooks to make a wonderful, complete gift.

Kids fashion kits

Fashion kits for kids are perfect for young ones with an eye for design. Whether your child enjoys making their very own jewellery, designing clothes or creating stunning nail art, you're sure to find the perfect kit in this fabulous selection. A simple entry point could be encouraging your child to make a new outfit for their dolls or even the family pet. Start small and see where their creativity takes them!

Top trends for kids and crafting

Trends come and go but the really good ones tend to be passed on from generation to generation. For example, making necklaces with sparkling beads, pretty charms and pendants never goes out of style. Similarly, loom bands produced by weaving rubber bands together, and friendship bracelets with thread, are superb ways for children to create unique and inexpensive gifts for family and friends.

Every home with kids can benefit from having loads of paper and cards (even if recycled), paint sets, stickers and coloured pencils and markers available for when the crafting urge hits. Kids are creative by nature, so just make sure they have the tools at hand and let their imaginations run riot!

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