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Using Glue Dots In Crafting And Other Applications

Glue is a product that has been used for many years. Due to its popularity in crafts and other applications inside and outside the home, the product has continued to evolve, this has led to the invention of the so-called glue dots. If you are not that familiar with glue dots but wish to learn more about them for crafting purposes and other applications, be sure to read the information provided by the Spotlight team below.

What Are Glue Dots?

Glue dots are small dots containing adhesive. They are also pressure-sensitive, which means they are applied by exerting pressure on the non-adhesive side of the glue dot.

There are many applications for glue dots these days, this ranges from adding photos to scrapbooks and picture frames to children's arts and crafts.

Are There Different Types Of Glue Dots?

Glue dots can be divided into various categories, these are often referred to as tack levels. Below, we have explained each level and their applications.

High tack glue dots are commonly used by official organisations and businesses to stick certain things to a letter, e.g. the bank uses it to stick a new credit card to a letter. Of course, it also has applications outside of business, as it is also used in crafting when strength is required.

You can also encounter so-called low tack glue dots. These glue dots are easier to remove yet provide a strong bond between the adhesive and the item in question. These types of glue dots are also popular for children's crafts.

Crafters can also encounter high shear tack, which can be used to connect two surfaces of equal size. The previously mentioned tack levels were used to glue a smaller item to a bigger surface.

Finally, you can encounter super high tack. This type of glue dot performs the same function as the high shear tack, although this glue dot is permanent in nature.

Why Should I Choose Glue Dots Over Normal Glue?

There is a variety of reasons why people prefer to use glue dots over regular glue. Some crafters find using glue dots more convenient and less messy, which also makes them suitable for children's craft. Glue dots also do not provide the fumes you would get with regular glue and require little to no clean-up afterwards.

Are Glue Dots Safe To Use For Children?

Glue dots are relatively safe to use in children's crafts. Of course, children must be of a certain age to be able to use glue dots, as this is a product that still contains an adhesive. When in doubt, always refer to the product description on the Spotlight website.

How Do I Apply Glue Dots To A Surface?

Before you apply a glue dot, you must remove the protective sheeting, this is the surface that keeps the adhesive in good condition. Once you have removed the back, simply apply the adhesive side to a surface and press down.

Please note that glue dots can be applied manually or with a dedicated tool. Since the application of glue dots is relatively simple, most crafts do not require the use of a glue dot tool.

To ensure your glue dots stick to the surface properly, always make sure the surface in question is free of any compounds that could interfere with the adhesive. Compounds such as oil, dust, silicone and moisture could cause problems, so it could be a good idea to clean the surface before applying your glue dots.

When applying glue dots, do not forget to incorporate the size of the surface area and the items you will be sticking to that surface area. Glue dots are available in various sizes to cater to those variations.

Which Materials Can I Stick Glue Dots On?

Since glue dots come in a variety of strengths, shapes, and sizes, you will find that there are a lot of materials that work will with glue dots. While the most evident material is paper, you can also use glue dots for materials such as glass, plastic, aluminium, foam, and wood.

To ensure your glue dots will work on the intended material, always check the strength and type of glue dots before you purchase them. When in doubt, simply get in touch with the Spotlight team.



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