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Discover Spotlight's Top Tips To Keep Your Art Studio Organised

Are you having issues keeping your art studio organised? Do you need some top tips to keep on top of things? Be sure to take advantage of all the amazing organisation tips provided by Spotlight. So, if you could use some advice, be sure to check out the guide to art studio organisation today!

What Are The Best Ways To Organise Paint?

One of the things many artists struggle with is organising their paints. However, it does not need to be difficult. There are many storage solutions out there you can flawlessly incorporate in your art studio. You can also choose one of our unique storage solutions, which are always available at Spotlight.

One of our unique suggestions is using a cake stand in the kitchen, but did you know it can be a great organisation tool for paints? Not only does it allow you to keep your paints organised, it also allows you to display them and gain easy access when you are working on something.

While you will not find cake display stands in this particular section, you can find them in the kitchen section at Spotlight. If you like the idea of organising your paints on a cake display stand, be sure to check out the kitchen section at Spotlight. If you want something a little less obvious, be sure to check out the paint storage options in this section.

What Is The Best Way To Store Paintbrushes?

Storing your paintbrushes demands extra attention, as they can be quite expensive and valuable. To ensure you store your brushes correctly and appropriately, here are some of Spotlight's best tips for paintbrush storage.

First and foremost, you need to distinguish between short-term and long-term storage. When you are working on something and want to take a short break, you need an appropriate place to store your paintbrushes until you return. On the other hand, you also need a more permanent spot for your paintbrushes when they are not being used.

To store your paintbrushes while you are having a short break, you do not need anything special. Simply use your palette! Make sure to keep the lower part of the brush in some paint, this allows you to continue as soon as you come in. Of course, this can prove really useful when inspiration hits during your break as well.

When you store your brush for an extended period of time, for example when you are having a longer break, use some plastic wrap around the brush tip. Doing so will prevent the brush from drying out.

Before you store your paintbrushes longer, it is important to clean your brushes thoroughly. One of the best ways to store brushes and extend their lifespan is by hanging them vertically. There are loads of people who store their paint brushes in a beaker or another type of stand. While this is an accurate way to store paintbrushes, you will find that vertical storage tends to be much gentler on your paintbrushes over time.

Discover The Unique Art Storage Solutions At Spotlight

When you are looking for storage solutions for your art supplies, you will not have any problems finding unique options. Spotlight provides storage boxes, trolleys, caddies, rolling organisers and so much more.

Thanks to Spotlight's range of art storage solutions, you can customise your art storage solutions to meet your needs. Whether you have a lot or a little space in your art studio or hobby room, Spotlight provides storage solutions for all kinds of environments.

Need a storage solution you cannot find in our art storage supplies range? No need to worry, simply head over to the other storage sections to find more unique products!



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